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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by chimp, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. chimp


    Dec 4, 2004
    South Africa
    This thread is dedicated to your JAMMING experiences. I beleave that this is what music is about to me. This is when we use it to communicate our thoughts, feelings and lifestorys. I suppose I should start with my favorite.

    It was at the National Youth Jazz Fest which is the 2nd biggest jazz fest in South Africa and I remember one night I was walking around with my bass and the one building (which was dedicated to jamming) had some really cool stuff coming out of it so I decided I would go have a look. So I went in and they guys looked up but didn’t stop so I walked in and took out my bass I spent the whole night jamming to all types of music there was respect to each player giving them the time they wanted to solo and supporting and everyone acknowledging when some one did something worth the acknowledgement and none of use spoke we just played the room became pretty full and there was this real cool vibe just happening and everything just pulled together so well. I can say for sure that that night is in my top 5 nights ever.
  2. Matt Till

    Matt Till

    Jun 1, 2002
    Edinboro, PA
    There is this drummer who is an absolute monster. He can play over the top death metal, or he can switch over to the tighest funk grooves... and put them in an odd time signature. We were going to have one of our jams with a guitarist again, but the guitarist was nowhere to be seen. So we jammed, just me and him. We both played some very odd, busy stuff. Weird odd timed slap that I didn't know I could play... there were spots where it became atonal and I was using my bass as a percussive instrument and used notes as accents and it was very... hmm tribal.

    It was at a huge party too, it was very strange. We played for such a long time, and people watched us and it was just bass and drums. That was the only think I didn't like... I like flashy playing sometimes, but I don't like the attention it gets me. I had to deal with a bunch of know nothings tell me how I'm so great and everything. I wasn't doing anything phenomenal. But there was a bass player walking the crowd telling everyone he was better than me. He asked if he could play my bass, I didn't care (I should have) and he and his awful drummer played together and made some out of time, gross sounding... I think it was suppose to be hardcore. It was funny. Music is ultimately a jock competition for some people. I was just happy to play and have so much fun doing it.
  3. The other night at my bands practise we had quite the little jam session it was funny but yet felt really rewarding in a sense because we each got to go on a little bit of a rampage so to speak.

    Our lead guitarist was busy trying to write a solo that should have been done over a month and a half ago and still isn't. He asked us to play the particular part of the song we would be playing under the solo so he could figure it out, we gladly did this so he could get it done. So myself, our drummer and rhythm guitarist just started playing and our lead guitarist got frustrated because his fancy 2 handed finger tapping riff just wasn't working for him like I kind of figured it wouldn't. So by this time we stopped caring what was going on and the 3 of us just went on doing our own thing.

    I found it particularly fun because we would each throw in a different little variation then the the other 2 who weren't doing variations would act on the 3rd persons variation, it was very fun, we didn't continue this for hours on end mind you because our lead guitarist had nothing to do, it lasted for maybe a 5 minutes or so. But yet I still enjoyed it.