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  1. In two weeks my school is hosting a jamnesty concert. It is sponsored by Amnesty International. Well my band is playing and we have a 20 min set, and about 2 minutes to set up. I have never played any shows with this band before but i have played afew with my old band. Does anyone have any tips to setup fast, i have a hartke/ampeg rig (head/cab) with caster, so that wont be too much of a probem. BUt one of the guitarists has a very heavy half stack withouut casters. Also i can see major prolem ocouring with the drums, because we have to mike them too, and they sit in my friends garage so we have only set them up once or twice. I am the only one that uses pedals (a distortion, chorus, and stomp tuner), everyone else has multipul channels so they have foot switches. I am thinking of making a temporary pedalboard with a piece of ply wood with a power stick on it and an extention cord and some velcro. Any tips would be awesome
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    Aug 27, 2000
    I've just played at one of these. It was pretty fun. If they've got stuff there (amps, etc), just plug your bass in. or get there early and setup your stuff before the show starts, thats what we did. If you get there early they will probably let you leave your stuff on the stage.
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