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  1. Saw Jane´s addiction live last night in Buenos Aires, first time I ever get to see them... man do they have energy on stage!
    Great, great performance, despite of the sound not being so great in the first couple of songs... the show really took me somewhere else.
    but man, seeing them in their prime, those must have been such great shows...

    I'd love to read about it from those who were there to see their performances at the begining of their careers!
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    Feb 14, 2011
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    Saw them in the UK on four dates of the RDLH tour. I think Primus even supported on a few shows IIRC. Young, fresh, exciting....Eric Avery and his chops and tone pretty much slayed most of what was passing for 'alternative' in those days. The set list was pretty much Nothing's Shocking and Ritual de lo Habitual in their entirety.

    Personally, I think they peaked with that second album. Not really shown much of an interest in them for a long time, though I did see them supporting NIN a few years ago with Eric back in the band for the much touted 'reunion'. They opened with 'Three Days' too!

    Along with'Dirt' (AIC), I'd say RDLH are two albums that would make my all time top ten.