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  1. geezer316


    Jan 26, 2003
    heres my question, i own a 87 japanese fender p bass special,(both P&J pick-ups)and to me it seems to be of better quality and sound and craftsman-ship than my mex j/bass,and in my opinion any other mex fender i have ever come across,and i mite add SOME of the U.S. made fenders,heres my question am i alone in this opinion? is my fender an odd ball,or just one of the good years for fender japan? i've played many new fender japans=g/lee model and the sting p-bass and they were also very high quality,the quality of the wood and finish and sound seems to be VERY superior to the mex,
    am i correct? i know my opinion of my bass only matters to me but am i imagining this big difference,if i am correct why are'nt they more valuable than what they are, i paid 300.00 for it and put 150.00 into it and it plays as well as ANY fender,new,old,mex ,japan or u.s models.
    can i get some feed-back?:bassist:
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    I've played alot of MIJ basses & they are very nice. For the mopst part, the quality control is more consistant then the MIA's & MIM's I've seen. But that dosen't mean that they're all perfect. I've seen my share of MIJ dogs, as well.

    The only Fender I own is a MIJ Geddy Lee Jazz & a Steve Harris P body that's gonna have an AllParts neck & p/j configuration.
  3. I'd have to agree w/Nino on this. I have 3 MIJ P-basses and they all blow away the newer MIA's and certainly the MIM's. They sound like 70's MIA's. The necks are great! Although I have had 2 other MIJ's that I have since sold because of neck issues, but like EVERYTHING out there, there are inconsistencies!
  4. gfab333


    Mar 22, 2000
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    I've played a number of MIJs, MIAs, and MIMs over the years and can confirm the comments posted by Nino and Tim.

    If I were to buy a new or used Fender, I'd be looking at a MIJ first. That's not to say that all MIJs are perfect.
  5. I've had a half dozen MIJs over the years, all were nice sounding, nice playing instruments. A couple of them had BIRDSEYE necks, which were VERY NICE :)

    the only Fender that remains in my stable is a '97 MIJ
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    Feb 14, 2000
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