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Japanese Tablature

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by Sojhen, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. I only really listen to Japanese music, Every once and a while I listen to Pink Floyd and some other english bands. But I am really into the japanese rock and roll. So my question is...do any of you have tab for japanese music and if so what bands and which songs? Hopefully there's at least a couple people that listen to japanese music here....
  2. I have a tab for Rosier, by Luna Sea, lying around somewhere, if you'd like it.
  3. Yes please I like LunaSea it's too bad they called it quits... If you could that would be great it's much appreiciated... Domo Arigato..
  4. They aren't really tabs, but I found a site that had chord listings of songs by Bump of Chicken and the pillows. I'd usually end up playing the roots, then come up with some fancier lines using 3rds and 5ths when need be to try and match the lines of the original bass player.


    Here's a few of X-Japan, Luna Sea, and L'arc en Ciel:


    I've also found some Luna Sea tabs on the net, though the sites are now down. One of them was a J fansite that had some pretty accurate transcriptions. They had tabs for not just "Rosier," but "White Out," "Love Song," and other great songs.

    For some reason it's hard as hell finding bass tabulature for Japanese bands because they aren't always listed in the usual bass tab archives. Your best bet is to try and look for fansites.
  5. Awesome you have Bass tab for both X-Japan and Laruku... Oh thank you, thank you.. Those are two of my favorite bands... When it comes to tablature for X All I seem to ever be able to find is Weekend and Forever Love... Lol thanks alot.. it's cool to see some people who listen to the same music as me... :bassist: I've been to this site before... But lost the URL so that's good. domo!
  6. No problem. :D I don't listen to as much visual kei as I used to. I mostly listen to more alternative/folk rockish sounding bands like Bump of Chicken, 19, Soulsberry, etc. And though I still like Luna Sea, X, L'arc, Kuroyume, etc. I find it easier to relate to the other bands I listed. They're more my style, per se.
  7. So what would you say your "style" is persay....?
  8. It's what I said in the post. "alternative/folk rockish." Though I've liked punk rock since the high school days.
  9. That's cool, it's good to have your own thing.. I'd have to say that I am R&R,Alternative.. I guess.. or that's what I'd like to play... as well as some speed metal...
  10. here you go. This really makes me wish I had a scanner...

  11. Whoa... thanks... That's really kind of you to go to all that trouble.... Arigato ...
  12. desperate_angel: Wow. That one seems a lot clearer than the one I found ages ago.

    You said you wish you had a scanner. Does that mean you took it from one of their songbooks? If so, would you happen to know of any place to get their songbooks? My local Asahiya bookstores has a few j-rock songbooks, but none from Luna Sea. Mostly from L'arc and other bands. I wanted to get a Luna Sea book for some note reading practice and to learn their songs better.
  13. Nah, I got it off of a website called Punk Floyd, or Pyromania. one or the other. I would've just linked them, but apparently that site no longer exists. Lucky me I printed that out.
  14. Yeah. Actually that's the same exact site I was going to recommend that was down.

    Oh well. The songbook search begins yet again...
  15. When I go to Japan I'll buy all the X-Japan, L'arc and LunaSea songbooks I can get my hands on... So you guys will eventually get all the tab you wish... One day....
  16. I'm actually not looking for tabs. I'm looking for chords and notes to exercise note reading. :)
  17. Ahh, I see... hmmm.. ok well if I go there I'll try and pick some up....
  18. x-jap


    Jun 20, 2005
    Hey sojhen can u plz... give me the link to x-japan weekend bass tab plz.......................... :smug:
  19. 6-3-2


    Sep 20, 2003
    The Guitar Pro program has tons of Japanese tabs, you've got to download guitar pro, then get over to mysongbook.com. Lots of L'arc, Luna Sea, and etc. That's what I use.
  20. Admko


    Jul 6, 2005
    i too think you should check out gp4, they got lots of dir en grey but sadly lacks other things, like vidoll, nightmare, allthough they got alot of x japan, look around.