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Jargar strings: "gut-like" tone - Good??

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by Buddy Lee, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. Buddy Lee

    Buddy Lee

    May 5, 2002
    Someone at Talkbass wrote "gut doesnt give you this high tone click-tic-clack" (slap technique).
    Well, Jargar strings are supposed to be the most "gut-like" sounding steel strings.
    The thing is: I LIKE that "click-tic-clack" slap sound of steel strings. I just wonder, whether Jargars are the right strings for me, if they really lack that slap sound I like... (BTW: Never played on guts and ain't gonna do it.)
  2. Like Kevin, you'd probably like the Jargar Dolce gauge (green silk end).
    The steel outer wrap will give you that "click-tic-clack".

    As for myself, I don't play slap, and like to have a little more sustain, so I prefer Jargar Forte gauge (red silk end). I currently use the D and G only though. I'm not particularly fond of the Jargar A and E. (in pizz mode)

    They are also available in medium gauge. (blue silk end)
  3. Francois
    Sorry for my ignorance.
    I am interesting in Jargar Forte gauge (red silk end). But, currently I use the spirocore orchestra.
    Is it possible to mix G and D Jargar Forte gauge with E and A spirocore orchestra?
    I play pizz 60% and arco 40%.

    Thank you for your help
  4. Yes, of course you can.
    You'll get a more gut-like top with shorter sustain and more warmth than the Spirocores in the bottom.
    My favorite G string is the Pirastro Oliv (flat chromesteel over gut), followed by the Forte gauge Jargar.
  5. Thank you for your valuable help.
    May I ask some a little bit more help?
    How is the tension on Jargar Forte gauge when compared with spirocore, obligato or Thomastik rope core?

    Thank you
  6. To me, they have less tension than Spirocores or Obligatos.
    The Superflexibles are lighter than Spirocores.
    The Jargar Forte G and D may be somewhat similar in terms of tension.
    The Jargar Dolce are thin enough to be used at solo-tuning.
  7. For what it's worth, I just put a medium Jargar G on my EUB, and ordered a medium D to go with it.
    The mediums are even more warmer, but also even more shorter sustained, than Forte's.
    I mix them with orchestral Pirastro's for the bottom.
  8. Francois
    I put Jargar Forte (D and G) on my bass last night (Spirocore orchestra E and A).
    Suddenly, I've known that I found what I've search for. Good mixed match set for my tone.

    I also compare to Flexocore thin (G and D) , still put Spirocore orchestra E and A, Jargar is richer and warmer. But, Flexocore is darker.

    However, I love them both (Flexocore and Jargar). But, I give more to Jargar. The best of all, I love my bass more than I did.

    Thank you Francois for your recommendation.

    PS. Which E and A string can be matched with Flexocore thin? What kind of orchestral Pirastro do you put on the bottom?
  9. It's funny that you mention Flexocor Thin because that's what I have on my bass right now (G and D).
    What I like about them is their warmth and cleanest tone of all.
    For the A string I tried a medium Jargar but found the tone too stiff and muddy. I'm going to order a Dolce Jargar to see if it's better.
    I presently use an Original Flexocor A.
    The E is a regular Flexocor.
  10. rablack


    Mar 9, 2000
    Houston, Texas
    I just want to say many thanks to Francois (and Olivier) for doing all of the expensive string experiments and sharing the results. When the time comes to swap out my Corellis I know I will benefit from re-reading the many threads to which they have contributed.
  11. Thanks for the kind words!

    A call to everybody:
    I'm searching for a Jargar Dolce G string to try on my bass.
    I can send a string in exchange.
    Thanks for letting know!
  12. I finally ordered both a G and A in Dolce gauge.
    The G is too thin for me, and sounds that way too.
    But the A is great!
    I've tried the Forte, Medium and Dolce A's, and the latter is my favorite.
    Only drawback, as with about every thin string, is low volume output.

    My actual (and very proud of it, actually) setup is:

    G, D: medium Jargars
    A, E: original FlatChromes.

    By the way, I use a rubber ring filter (coming from a Pirastro G string) with the Jargar G.
    It mutes the highest harmonics, giving an even warmer tone. Sustain is also a little affected but not an issue for me.
  13. Francois
    Thank you for your valuable input.
    Recently, I just ordered Original Flatchormes G,D,A with Helicore Hybid E.
    But, Not yet receive them. I wonder that, you have tried Ori. Flat chormes G and D before?
    How is its sound?
    In your opinion, Could you compare Original Flatchormes with Original Flexocore, and New Flatchormes in general dimension, for example, tension, warm, robust?

    Right now, I put Flexocore light G and D with Spirocore E and A and wait for Flexocore med. E and A to replace Spirocore.

    Thank you in advance
  14. I find the G too bright for my taste. The D is softer than the G but brighter than Jargar D.
    Original Flatchromes and Original Flexocors are the same string. The Original Flatchromes are just selected with a closer tolerance range, and sold a littler higher price.
    The New Flatchromes are thin strings, with a bright tone, but more sustain. I prefer the Originals, but that's my taste.
    The (new) Flexocor (AKA Flexocor '92) are quite different from the Original Flex.
    The G and D are in my opinion stiffer, less lively but more warm-sounding than their Original Flex counterpart.
    On the other hand, the '92s A and E are thinner, clearer-sounding than the Original Flexocors.
    You'll probably like the Flexocor A but I'm almost sure you won't like the E.

  15. Francois
    I replace Spirocore Orchestra E and A with Flexocore med. E and A on my bass.
    Their sound matched to my bass, 1960 German (or may be Czech) plywood bass with graphite bridge.
    But you're right, I love Flexocore A more, it is more lively.

    I decided to switch to Pirastro.
    However, one drawback for Pirastro, it is so expensive.

    I just wait for Original Flatchormes to try.

    PS. Sorry for my ignorance. Do you have any used Original Flexocore for sell?
  16. Depends on the brand you choose. The Obligatos are the cheapest, at about $100 a set.
    The Chromcors are about $102.
    Flexocors ('92) at $109, Original Flexocors at $142.
    (Prices from Quinn Violins)
    No, sorry.
    I'm going to give another try to my Chromcor E and A though. (along with the Jargar medium D and G)
  17. Francois
    As you mentioned, Flexocore med. E seems to be a little drop in volume.
    How dose Original Flatchome sound?
    Is it warmer than Flexocre E?
  18. Yes.
    Warmer but also boomier. It speaks less clearly than the Flexocor E. (not to say that the Flexocor E is clear...)
    You may want to look at the Thick gauge Flexocor E instead.
    More sustain, more volume, more higher harmonics than the medium Flexocor.
    Speaks with more clarity and has more sustain then the Original Flexocor (or FlatChrome...).

    On my bass I now have:
    Flexocors E, D and G. (all medium)
    Original Flatchrome A.
  19. Thank you Francois
    I will try Flexocore Thick E instead of Original Flatchrome E.

    I will put Original Flatchrome A, D, and G with Flexocore Thick E on my bass when the Flexocore Thick E arrived from Quinnviolins.

    Right now
    I have Flexocore med. E and A, Jargar Forte D and G. I love this combination than the last one (Spirocore E,A and Jargar Forte D and G)
  20. On my bass, I put back the Thin Flexocors on the D and G. :)

    For the E, I put a (new) Flatchrome.
    Its like a medium Flexocor, but with added sustain and clarity. (a bit)
    The A string may change for something a little clearer (the Permanent A is in mind, and also the Thin Flexocor)

    I'll come back with more results later...

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