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Jason Sheff

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by cassanova, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. cassanova


    Sep 4, 2000
    I was watching A&E's Live By Request last night and the band was Chicago. Jason Sheff is their bassist of the last 17 years. I found this interesting because his dad Jerry is an influance of mine. (Elvis's bassist) Jason is quite the bassist as well and I was able to hear a lil of his dad in his playing.

    Id like to know who else he's played with besides Chicago, so that I can research him a little bit more in depth and find out who some of his influances are.

    FWIW he was playing a very nice lakland and using epifani cabs, didnt sound 1/2 bad
  2. cheezewiz

    cheezewiz Supporting Member

    Mar 27, 2002
    I saw Jason and Chicago on the Labor Day Telethon. He was using a Lakland and sounded great.....
  3. PhatBasstard

    PhatBasstard Spector Dissector Supporting Member

    Feb 3, 2002
    Las Vegas, NV.
    Jason (and his dad) are Lakland endorsers. He was shopping song tapes when Chicago discovered him ("You mean the guy who wrote and sang this is also a bass player? Great!") so I don't know if he's played with anyone of note before Chicago (since he's not that old).
  4. cassanova


    Sep 4, 2000
    yes sir that was a lakland
  5. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    I have a DVD of Chicago rehearsing for a tour...and Jason just smokes! Very tasty and great singer to boot!
  6. berklee46

    berklee46 Supporting Member

    Dec 19, 2000
    He's a killer bassist, but most of the recordings he's done aren't that easy to find around here. He does a lot on those Japanese imported discs - with Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams, etc. He sings a ton of sessions, but doesn't seem to be doing a lot of bass playing on full albums.

    He's got a solo CD out called "Chauncy" that has some nice playing on it. John and Tom Keane on drums and keys, and Tim Peirce on guitars.
    Another nice one to check out is guitarist Chris Camozzi's CD called "Windows of My Soul." It's all-instrumental and has John Keane on drums and Tom Keane on keys. There are a bunch of other tracks on peoples albums like Bruce Conte, Joseph Williams, Olivia Newton John, etc. I know I'm forgetting some too.

    If you want to PM me, we can work something out to get some of these recordings to you. I've got a bunch more I can throw together for you.

    Oh yeah, if you want to see him playing a little "flashier" with Chicago and be able to really hear it in the mix, check out the "Live at the Greek Theater" video from 1993...Great recording and great Chicago line-up with Dawayne Bailey...
  7. JazznFunk


    Mar 26, 2000
    Asheville, NC
    Lakland Basses Artist
    Check out the Scheff's website at www.scheff.com to find a fairly comprehensive discography of Jason's work.

    Jason's a great player, and is the bassist who influenced me to start playing music, period.
  8. Resurrecting this old thread as I caught Chicago last nite in Long Beach.

    Jason tore it up! He some how managed to play some pretty busy lines over the some odd time signatures/changes and it sounded great.

    Sat 3rd row right in front of Jason so I got to watch him work. Great vocals too. And, a nice guy too. Jason hooked us up with the tix and backstage passes (he's bud's with the singer in the band I'm in). So, we had a chance to chat it up a bit with him and some of the other guys. I told Jason how impressive his playing was and he seemed genuinely appreciative for the complements.
  9. shamus63


    Dec 17, 2005
    San Mateo, CA
    Saw Chicago last August here in Saratoga; one of my favorite shows!

    Jason held everything together like a true pro...which is not easy, given how many members he has on stage with him.

    Plus, he's a Lakland man...points in his favor.
  10. Lonnybass


    Jul 19, 2000
    San Diego
    Endorsing Artist: Pedulla Basses
    Funny enough the only control on his Lakland that actually works is the volume knob - all the rest are dummy controls that aren't actually wired to anything!


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