Jay Turser P bass

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  1. I was in Stevie B's House of Guitars in Clearwater and I played three different Jay Turser P basses @ $189. Wow! What a great bass for the bux! Cool transparent colors with wood grain. Great feel, good sound, super price. That looks like the best bet in a cheapy beginner axe.
  2. I once had one sunburst w/ gold hardware, it was great looking but I hated every piece of it. bad tone and terrible and I say very terrible neckdive.
  3. Wild Bill

    Wild Bill

    Dec 30, 2001
    Boston MA
    Oh no dont get the Tursor..all of them EVIL!
    I was tricked it looked like an ernie ball it was only $200 so I said "Well Bill this'll last a while" fast forward to one year later all my tuning knobs are toast and the bridge is rusting. I took the best care of that thing and it rotted right before my eyes.
    Well, anyways I'd go with a Danelectro if I was you I have a J-bass and a Rumor bass with flats. Rumor bass is a great back-up/main bass:D