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    Apr 15, 2012
    I need recommendations for bass amps to be used in a jazz band. Here is some background info, if you need to know anything else, ask away.

    Genre: All kinds of jazz. Typically big band/swing, but we have some more raucous funk/not-quite-rock stuff.

    Volume: Enough to be heard over 4-5 trumpets, 4-5 trombones, 5-7 saxes, and the rhythm section. (Yes, this is a very large band. We typically don't have the whole band at every gig, but it sometimes happens) Our venues range from retirement homes to large ballrooms to outdoor public performances.

    Frequency of use: Rehearsals twice a week, 1-4 gigs per month.

    Mobility: Being a large band, we can have multiple people carrying it if needed, but ideally something one person can carry without too much trouble.

    Cost: Aim for around $1000.

    Instruments to be used: Fender Jaguar, self-built fretless jazz bass, possibly a yamaha silent bass electric upright if I can acquire one.

    Technique/style: Finger picking. I never use picks in this band. Slapping is used occasionally, on some of the more raucous songs.

    Tube/Solid-state: As much as I love tube amps, they are a hassle. They are bulkier, and the tubes need to be replaced, especially since this will be getting moved around a lot, and the tubes will get damaged easier. So, solid state.

    Anything you can tell me helps. Be it a brand name, a specific amp, or even just your opinion on speaker sizes. I already have an idea of what I want, but I want to hear more opinions before I decide.
  2. GB Shuttle 9.0 & 212 cab.
    Shuttles have great eq, sound great for any style, can do clean modern, vintage, motown, rock & also a good tube grind if u crank the tube gain. Sweep-able mid freq eq lets u dial out trouble freqs-great for upright.
    Mesa Walkabout too.
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    Jun 6, 2011
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    There’s a lots of nice equipment out there to pick from. Personally, I’d go with a good 215 bass cabinet (or two 115s) or at least a good 410 - 212s are nice but don’t always have enough oomph in my opinion.