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jazz band local competition

Discussion in 'Bass Humor & Gig Stories [BG]' started by Brad Barker, Feb 3, 2002.

  1. Brad Barker

    Brad Barker

    Apr 13, 2001
    berkeley, ca
    my school's jazz band had a performance at a local high school. this "competition" served as a qualifier for the state competitions.

    I planned on recounting the past week backwards, a la "momento," but I just typed one day and it is PLENTY LONG!! so if some stuff doesn't seem to be explained well, just complain in a response and I'll make sure to explain it.

    Day of the Competition

    I went through this awkwardly scheduled school day with my mind on only one thing: tonight. When the last school bell rung, I immediately carried through my plans. I picked up the amp and head and AC strip and bow-tie no problem. Went home, came back, and eventually drove to South Fork High.
    I am an extremely bad driver.
    Eventually, everyone else showed up (one girl was caught speeding!). Even though, we agreed to arrive early to watch the other schools, I only watched one school's set! There was no schedule to speak of, which really ruined it. Many of our horn and sax players got an improvised jam session goin' on in the cafeteria (the designated general practice area). Our alto sax player is great. It's gonna suck when he's gone next year. Anyway, a large crowd of people watched them play (and the alto saxist WAIL!) and a tuba player from another school joined in one time filling the low register duties.
    The time passed by slowly...slowly...
    The guitar player, his friend 'boner, and I got our equipment out of my car when our rehearsel time neared. We had the 'boner watch our equipment when we were on our second go around (guitar player brought his PRS!).
    Everyone was impressed by my sweet bass. Especially during rehearsel.
    Gig time. Carrying the loads of equipment was stressful. All we had for a sound check was a ten second muted string test where I changed the volume in a very last minute style (luckily the volume was good).
    In a last second decision, I decided to stand up, but since my strap was made of stretchy parts, my 8-pound spector came to crotch-covering levels (if it weren't there while I was playing, it would look like I was "fiddling about"). It was uncomfortable at first, but I played fine.
    I nearly got my slap solo perfect! There were times when I played double stops when i didn't mean to (by hitting two strings at once-d'oh!) but nothing serious. It sounded awesome!
    What seemed like hours later (in reality it was probably only two), i got the scores second-hand. Three judges. One gave us straight superiors. Another gave us a few superiors with the rest being excellents. Final judge gave us straight excellents.

    I don't think we made states.

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