Jazz Bass, Alembic pickups, and history

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    Jun 25, 2003
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    I'd love to hear if anyone has any thoughts on the following: I'm trying to decide between the original Fender pickups in my Jazz Bass or replacement Alembic pickups. Here's the background (sorry it's long) so you can see where I'm coming from.

    I have a 1970 or so Jazz Bass I bought around 1983. The previous owner had done quite a few mods -- Badass II bridge inset into body, 1 Schecter pickup, removed the pickguard and painted bass black -- so it's not like it was exactly a stock or "pure" Fender even when I got it.

    So...as the electronics were making lots of noise at that time (and possibly being young and foolish), I decided to put in a set of Alembic active pickups. Results then and now: Lots of tone control but incredible hissing from tone pot (already spoke to Alembic about it, they've changed things over the years to improve this).

    My main concern? I just look back sometimes and feel like I did the wrong thing putting these things in. As such, I'm currently considering putting the original pickups back in...and for that matter, I don't even remember if the original pickups sound good or not (anyone have any experience on that?).

    So...does anyone have any opinions on this? The bass has already been modified a good deal so it's not like I'm bringing it back to its original state; I guess it just seemed like the right thing to do and have respect for an old Fender bass.

    On a side note, I spoke with the owner/designer of Badass bridges on the phone around 4 years ago and we got off topic a bit when I was discussing repainting my bass and changing the pickups. I can't quite remember how he put it but he felt that the bass, in its current state, was my bass and a reflection of me...and thus he personally felt I should not change things.

    That's it. Thanks for your patience and any thoughts you can pass along.

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    I'll take those Alembic pickups off your hands... :D