SOLD Jazz Bass build, 8 pounds, MIK maple P-neck, Desert Sand Pearl, matching headstock, a killer Jazz!!

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    Here is a super Jazz Bass build, utilizing a new Classic Vibe Jazz body professionally finished in beautiful Mercedes Desert Sand Pearl clearcoat, and a Fender Korea P-Bass high-gloss maple neck. Its not quite brand new...I've been using it as my go-to Jazz for about a year, but has no nicks or dings or wear. Neck is killer and has no wear, new Ivory Pearl VID's and is a standard Pbass 1.6" nut width but has a very thin profile as the Fender MIK's do. Nice smooth MIK tuners. Headstock is finished to match with a 70's Fender Jazz Bass waterslide. New black anodized hi-mass direct-fit bridge. Electronics are stock Standard Series Jazz. Brand new USA Ivory Pearl pickguard. A brand new set of pickup and bridge chrome covers is included (not drilled) IMHO a Jazz Bass with a maple Precision neck is a match made in heaven! This one sounds great, and plays and fingers like a dream, and has NO ISSUES!! And, it's only 8.2 pounds!! Lotta bass here for little beans!! !!

    $425 firm with new Fender gig bag, or add $100 for the new tweed locking hard case in the pics. Paypal is good, shipping @ actual cost.

    Questions / offers via PM please

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    Yup....8 pounds.

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    ... very nice bass !!
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