Jazz bass build, not the biggest budget, help me out?

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  1. Hey guys, since today is Christmas I received some schillings and decided I have enough to save for a bass build. I already have a Mighty Mite Seafoam green body in mind (189.99) so now is the neck. I REALLY don't want to spend $337 on a tinted all parts pearl inlay maple neck but I'm trying to recreate Geddy's green jazz (I know it's surf green but I don't have the money to buy a Surf Green body from warmoth). Anyways, how are the mighty mite maple necks? Would you rather spend a little more on a MIM maple neck or would you buy the all parts neck? Opinions, brands I haven't mentioned would be great! Thanks.
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    To save a few more bucks, you could do what I did; wait until Guitar Center (or some other retailer, if you like) has a 10% to 15% off e-coupon available. I saved almost thirty bucks on a Mighty Mite Blue Burst Jazz body. It was on backorder and I had to wait about three weeks for it to come in, but my patience paid off.

    As far as the neck goes, I've got my sights set on a particular Squier bass neck. I'm waiting until I can get a scandalous deal on a used one. Then I'll harvest the neck, make a small modification (I wanna gloss up the back of the neck a little bit) and sell off the loaded body to offset the total cost.

    So, if I were trying to replicate Geddy's green Custom Shop Jazz on a tighter budget, I'd grab the neck off a Squier Vintage Modified '77 Jazz bass. And if I wanted to go "all the way", I'd seek out someone with the skills to match the headstock to the body.

  3. Carvin Jazz Bass Kit, every thing you need, $400 some bucks. Makes a nice bass check it out.