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jazz bass chrome pickup up/bridge covers screw size

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by harperbass, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. harperbass


    Nov 16, 2009
    louisville, ky
    ready to finally install the fender brand chrome covers, or "bells" on my US jazz bass, (bought from Amazon) but naturally, they didn't send the mounting screws. can someone tell me the exact size? so, i'll spend 10 bucks in gas going to a music store trying to find these screws...

    this has been covered before, here, but i can't find the thread...


    Rick Harper
  2. These are really really close to what you need, although for certain years, Fender used somewhat larger heads on some of the cover screws.


    LINK::: http://store.guitarfetish.com/Full-Bag-of-NICKEL-Pickguard-Screws-20-pcs_p_267.html

    I have used these many times and they are great quality and won't give you any troubles --- BUT they use a Metric (JIS) Phillips - not the SAE or US Standard screw drivers. It is indistinguishable, but to a Fender fan they might be able to spot the JIS heads.

    GC has them sometimes on the parts wall under the GearHead logo and name. Gearhead is the Fender OER product and is licensed as such.

  3. FunkRenegade


    Jul 7, 2012
    They're the same as pickguard screws. Fender sells a pack of screws for just a few bucks.
  4. Sorry to bust your bubble here but Fender USA has even switched from one screw to another in it's history.

    The two numbers which I have been using for repairs and upgrades and return-to-original condition have been on the instruments I've repaired and actually rebuilt for a few friends. The statement that they are all the same is wrong.

    Although my experience has been somewhat limited in working on really rare basses and guitars, the ones on which I worked had glaring differences (from a purist's viewpoint anyway) and mid-model changes for hardware and screws and such.

    Sometimes, a part number on OE or OER parts may be the same and yet the parts are physically different, although useable as they are designed.

    For the record even Fender USA used two different screws for the PGs and the chrome covers, although there seems to be no obvious pattern to their doing so.

    Aesthetically - and as I've stated, the JIS and the USS/SAE screws are obviously different when one has both of them sided by side to compare. It may be a supplier's situation as some could be from China, Japan, Indonesia, US or UK and as such will tend to reflect that country's design and machining capacities.

    I have at hand, just two of Fender's USA screw part numbers although there may be others to which I am not privy:

    1) 001-557-8000
    2) 002-140-7000

    ....and although these are interchangeable via Fender's own callout for parts, there seems to be no particular pattern to their use.

    Then we get to the imported guitars and basses when the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) head size (minimally different profile/diameter) and as I said the Phillips head design is not the same as the USS/SAE profile and design criteria.

    I have another set of numbers which I have at recall for the JIS screws:


    Interchanging a screw from a US model, although do-able - to a JIS will show up the difference if the operator on the other end of the screwdriver is awake whilst installing the replacement.

    The JIS into SAE/USS instrument difference is more so obviated by the smaller size of the threads and shank of a screw, not to mention that the screwdriver that fit so well into the MIA will not fit so nicely into the other and may damage the head of the screw itself.

    Can you get away with crossing the screws from one to another? Maybe - but a purist will know almost instantly.

    For those who beat their chests and say their bass is 100% original, this would be a glaring problem if the observer actually knew what he was talking about.

    For those who state there is no difference - well, let them go about blinded by their own (false) logic.

    For the record - a general player won't be able to tell much if they don't pay serious attention to these details - but there IS a difference.
  5. Pilgrim

    Pilgrim Supporting Member

    Since I doubt the pickguard and cover police are going to storm the stage, throw you to the ground and then dismantle your bass and inspect it with microscopes, use pickguard screws. That's what I use...works fine, matches the look of the PG.
  6. Yup, plus one on the PG screws, they work, that's all that matters.
  7. FunkRenegade


    Jul 7, 2012
    Ok. you win:crying: