Jazz Bass Comparison- 64 Reissue, Roadworn, New American Standard

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    Dec 4, 2006
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    While in NYC today on business, had a chance to stop by Matt Umanov Guitars (a great shop!!) and tried 3 Jazz basses-64 Reissue, a Roadworn and New American Standard. It was real quiet in the store due to the weather so I was able to play these with in a nice quiet room. All were well set-up (can't get that at Guitar Center) and played through an Ampeg PF500 and matching 1x15. I am a long time "Precision Only" guy and after trying some J's from time to time, I thought, with some new music I am doing that it was finally time to seriously considering the addition of a J bass.
    I was a bit surprised to find my least favorite of the 3 was the '64 Reissue. The neck seemed be a deep "C" (round,and deep) vs the AM STD and the RW. The RW in fact, felt a bit like a mini-version of my '61 Precision, meaning a bit wider and not as deep (shallow C) which I liked. The 'worn' feel certainly also helps. The Am STD was in between.
    As to the real issue of tone, once again, I was expecting to like the Reissue but I found it a bit 'mellow' in comparison to the other 2. The best J's I have heard always seem to have a distinctive thump, and punch compared to a Precision and surprisingly, I didn't hear that from the Reissue. Of the other 2, I liked the sound of the AM STD pick-ups more. The RW seemed to have the same general characteristics but a bit less of each.
    I have read favorable reviews of all 3 here on TB and realize perceptions of sound and feel are VERY personal and these are all good instruments. Again, it just stuck me as a bit odd that the Reissue was my least favorite. In particular, I am wondering about the difference in the neck profiles. Since I liked the RW profile best, I am wondering if that is representative of a particular year(s) of production. I ask this in part, because, the whole RW thing bothers me a bit and I am wondering about finding this in a non-RW version.
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    New American Standard Jazz basses have 60's custom shop pickups that really sound great. :)
  3. armybass

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    Jul 19, 2001
    I have always preferred the American Standard Jazzes to the U.S. Reissues. Just picked up a 2014 AS and love it. But I really still want to give the 74 a spin.

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