Jazz bass pickup height

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  1. ChuckTrucks


    Jul 28, 2012
    What are your preferred pickup heights for a Fender Jazz bass?
  2. GK Growl

    GK Growl

    Dec 31, 2011
    Here's some info directly from Fender which I find useful. Remember, these are guidelines so your playing style and tone preference may dictate a deviation from this:


    Setting pickups too high can cause a number of unusual occurrences. Depress strings at last fret. Using a 6" (150 mm) ruler, measure the distance from the bottom of the first and fourth strings to top of the pole piece. A good rule of thumb is that the distance should be greatest at the fourth-string neck pickup position and closest at the first-string bridge pickup position. Follow the measurement guidelines from the chart below as starting points. The distance will vary according to the amount of magnetic pull from the pickup.

    Note: Larger string gauges need wider vibrational allowances. If you have a five-string bass or are using heavier-gauge strings, your measurements must be increased accordingly.
    Bass Side Treble Side
    Vintage style 8/64" (3.6 mm) 6/64" (2.4 mm)
    Noiseless™ Series 8/64" (3.6 mm) 6/64" (2.4 mm)
    Standard "J" or "P" 7/64" (2.8 mm) 5/64" (2 mm)
    Special Design Humbuckers 7/64" (2.8 mm) 5/64" (2 mm)
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