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  1. Wlbravo


    Jan 22, 2014
    Manvel, TX
    I have a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '70s and I was wondering what pickups work best to get a good american jazz bass sound out of it. I've heard good things about the brands DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan, and just getting Fender pickups. My price range is from 0 to $150. So any suggestions?

    Thanks guys!
  2. knarleybass

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    Apr 6, 2005
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    I could wind you a great set for that jazz bass
  3. Wlbravo


    Jan 22, 2014
    Manvel, TX
  4. I tried many different pickups in that same bass. The stock ones sound the best in that bass. The only thing I would do is put some quality pots in it. Stay with the same tone cap and stay with 500k pots.
  5. He's saying he makes pickups. Wants to make you a pair.
  6. I would add that unless there's something SPECIFIC about the tone that you want to change, spend your money elsewhere, like on a really good fret+nut dress/setup. Maybe some shielding. Maybe a new set of strings. Once dialed in those basses can be very nice indeed. It's all just wood and wires after all.
  7. Hi,
    dimarzio dp123.
    A very good change to american jazz bass sound!
  8. markanini


    Jun 25, 2008
    Don't sleep on Wilde J-45.
  9. bassrob68

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    Dec 29, 2013
    Hey man. I just put Seymour Duncan Antiquity II's in my MIM Jazz bass and they sound great. A bit expensive at $160 for the set but they have that early 60's sound which I really like. I'll be making a second video to demo these pickups very soon. Hope that helps you.
  10. bassman_al

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    Apr 16, 2008
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    depends on what type of sound you are going for. the VM basses get good reviews as-is. I had some stock USA pickups in my "70's" model J bass that is also MIM. I just dropped in some Fender "Original" pickups in it so that it would sound similar to my '62 RI J bass. $85 brand new on E-bay. I like those pickups, although it still does not sound exactly like my '62... But pretty close. So my point is that even if you put a USA set in your bass, it may not end up sounding like a USA bass, since there are many elements that contribute to a basses sound.

    If you tell us more about the exact type of sound or style you are going for, we can offer more suggestions. TB classifieds is a great place to buy and sell pickups and other parts without spending a fortune. But unless you do the work yourself, it will get pricey to swap out pickups. Does $150 include labor, or just the set of pickups?

    The Dimarzio's are popular, but I would not describe them as "a good American Jazz bass sound" since they are not stock in any Fender USA Jazz basses that I know of...

    You will get lots of opinions here about pickups. Your question is kind of like asking "what should I wear today?" Lots of ideas will come in response.