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jazz bass players

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by bass_ace101, Sep 25, 2005.

  1. bass_ace101


    Sep 17, 2005
    does anyone know of any intermidiate bass players that play jazz that would be good to learn (make sure its a song that the bass is a little but different than the guitar)? :bassist:
  2. AHbassist


    Sep 22, 2005
    Kennesaw, GA
    Some of Joseph Patrick Moore's stuff, just google his name, theres tons of free MP3's
  3. not really jazz, but check out Andrew Levy of the Brand New Heavies - 1st record in particular (self-titled). The grooves are pretty simple but really fat...it's jazzy funk/R&B

    also, Brother/Sister by the aforementioned Heavies.