Jazz bass prices

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  1. A couple of puzzlers

    1. How much should I be paying for a second-hand Fender Jazz bass in good condition? :confused: (Probably one built in the mid to late 1990s age. I am off to the shops soon and they have a couple of second hand ones apparently.)

    Please remember I live in ENGLAND!

    2. Are there any other basses I should be considering for a similar tone?

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. It all depends on the origin of manufacture.

    You'd expect to pay more for an MIA Jazz than you would an MIM or MIJ.

    You could get a used MIM jazz for less than $300 if you hunt around. $300- $350 is what they go for around here.

    MIJs are thought to be better quality than MIMs, so you might expect to pay a little more. For an MIA jazz, depending on condition, they go for (around here) anywhere from $450 and up.
  3. Sorry I wasn't clear. I meant the UK price for a MIA.