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Jazz Bass Project

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by WoodyG3, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. WoodyG3


    May 6, 2003
    Colorado, USA
    So, I bought a Jazz Bass on ebay. The bass was "not quite as described." :eyebrow: MIK instead of MIJ. Body had a one coat shot of dull black spray paint. Carvin H50N pickups as advertised, but later I found that one was shot, almost no output. Pots were bad, with the tone pot not working at all. Numerous dings not mentioned by the seller. So what did I do? I took it apart and started over!

    I striped the paint down to the sealer and determined that it was a plywood body. So much for a nice natural wood finish! :rolleyes: Had to use wood filler on a few dings.


    Since I couldn't get a natural wood finish, I decided to go a little wild. I bought some construction orange spray paint ($5.00 per can) and started shooting!


    I applied several coats, then used a clear coat on top to protect the finish. I lined the control cavity with shielding foil and put the bass back together, leaving the soldering of new pots to the luthier.


    The luthier checked the pickups before soldering and let me know that one pickup was basically dead. Okay, I thought, it's a Jazz Bass, let's really make it sound like one! The luthier had some '62 reissue PUs that he gave me a great deal on, so in they went. Here's what my bright orange bass looks like:



    After some set up work and a set of flatwounds, I find that this bass sounds and plays great. Nice thump, a Jamerson Motown vibe or mellow blues tone can all be easilly dialed up. This turned out to be a fun little project, and I got a good bass for less than the cost of a new MIM. :hyper:
  2. Jeez, thats fantastic looking.

    I cant believe spraypaint came out nearly that well
  3. Nice work! It's like your bass had a Jenny Jones makeover.
  4. Dude

    Dude Commercial User

    Mar 19, 2000
    Owner: The Dude Pit Forum (closed) Producer: School of Bass
    Wow!!! You can make a silk purse out of a sow's ear afterall!!

    Nice job!
  5. Funky Tune

    Funky Tune

    Apr 28, 2005
    Puerto Rico
    i love your effort and commitment in this project.
  6. Mr.Bassie720

    Mr.Bassie720 Supporting Member

    Feb 5, 2005
    Washington DC,Silver Spring,MD
    Endorsing Artist: Spector Basses
    OUTSTANDING!! love the color.
  7. Very nice- Love the orange :bassist:

    I have been thinking about doing a similar porject with an Essex P-J that I won on eBay.au for $200AUD- but it's in great nick, and works fine so I might reconsider that, and just replace the pickups... with some Qtr Ponders and a big fat Humbucker, ala' MIA Deluxe P-Basses ....

    Nice bass- I hope you enjoy it, it sure stands out ;-)


    Just for the record, a MIM Fender is around $800AUD, MIA $2000 to $2500AUD
  8. jow83


    Jun 3, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    looks great man, did you replace any hardware other then the pups?
  9. Greg Johnsen

    Greg Johnsen

    May 1, 2005
    Hickory NC
    heh, I'm thinking about doing the same thing, and now that I know that spray paint works, I'm gonna get a cheaper body w/o paint, and then do it myself, shouldn't be too hard.

    How much did this baby set you back? I found some bodies on the bay for about 100 dollars (solid alder) and I'm thinking about getting those... and I found a neck, but everything is so expensive...

    This bass turned out amazing, I love the color, and you can't even see any dings or anything, pur jazz bass.


    (I'm gonna use some jazz barts, and chrome pup/bridge covers, I hope mine turns out just as good as yours!)

  10. WoodyG3


    May 6, 2003
    Colorado, USA
    The paint came out okay, but it looks better on the pictures than if you saw it in person up close. Painting with cheap paint from a spray can is NOT the way you want to go if you really want a pro looking finish. That was not my intention, I was just having fun with this.

    Other than string saddles, no new hardware. All new electronics, though, and that was the key.

    I played it for about an hour and a half today, still sounds good. :)

    If you are thinking about a project of your own, plan on it taking a lot of time if you want to do it right. I rushed the paint job a bit and used cheap paint becasue I didn't care, but if you want a nice finish you need a clean place to spray and a lot of patience.

    I'm looking forward to bringing this to band practice tomorrow. Our guitar player will look like this ----> :eek: