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jazz bass question

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by flatwounds, Apr 22, 2003.

  1. flatwounds


    Apr 22, 2003
    Sydney, Oz
    How's it going, I have a question for anyone who feels like answering. I'm from Sydney, Australia, and there is a small music store here who specialise in bass guitars. There is a US '93 jazz that I'm sort of interested in, but it is not your regular Jazz that everybody recognises. The difference (I'm sure it is only cosmetically) is that the knobs are not in the usual position - they are perpendicular to the pickups, rather than slanted (I'm not sure if this is described as well as I would have liked).
    Anyway, I have been after a fender for a while, without trying to break the bank - this bass is going for Aus$1,600(probably a little below US$800). And so the question is this -What is the deal with this bass? Has anyone ever seen one before? How do they go?
    Another bass that I am considering is a beat-up '82 american P-bass. It is on the Australian ebay site for Aus$1,000(maybe a bit less than US$500). It was origianlly red, but there have been 2 racing stripes where the paint has been scraped off, revealing the woodgrain.
    Which one could you advise. My wallet likes the '82, but I would like to know more about the '93.
    Any other suggestions?

    The bass may be viewed via the site www.bassplay.com/ - click on the BASSES option, then select FENDER, press Go, and click on JAZZ PLUS. I'm sorry that I could not figure out how to attatch the pictures directly - I'm sorta new.
    Thankyou very much. I realise that this is quite a ling post, but there was lots to say.
  2. Hey Flatwounds. I checked out the Jazz bass. I'm no expert, but, I'd say it's either a short production run oddball, or a Fender neck on an aftermarket body. It is a very nice looking bass. I'm especially partial to sunburst finishes. I think it looks better than a regular Jazz because it has no pickguard and no chrome control plate. If you have the bread and it sounds good, I'd jump on it.

    What do the guys in the shop say about it?

    I say buy it.

    Good luck.

  3. OnederTone

    OnederTone Aguilar Everywhere Gold Supporting Member

    Aug 15, 2002
    Thornton, CO
    the Jazz Plus was an active eq version... I think it's the same electronics as the Kubicki Factor basses (owned by Fender at the time). they were nice, but the new ownership was focusing on Guitars at the time so some quality slipped in the basses... it wasn't until '96 that the new ownership switched to a more Fender-vintage vibe of the new fenders...

    FWIW, the basses were slap machines... very Sadowski like... a big late 80's bass scooped mid sound...

  4. I think this bass used Lace pickups, which supposedly had less hum than standard Jazz single coils. You will notice that there are no visible pole pieces on the pickups. From the controls, however, it looks like the conventional passive volume/volume/tone arrangement.

    (funkyebk: is this a stacknob arrangement for the active EQ? Are you sure the Jazz Plus models were all active? I have a 1990 Strat Plus with lace pickups and it is passive.)

    Anyway, I think the 93 Jazz Plus is a WAY BETTER deal at the price you have listed than the 82 P Bass.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!:D
  5. pyrohr


    Aug 28, 2001
    Pakistani compound
    These basses were around for a minute, they contained Kubicki electronics and lace sensor pups like said above. There is one here in the store for 650.00 and it has been there for some time. It has a nice neck but everything else to me is just ok. nothing special jmho.

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