Jazz Bass Super 55 Bridge Pickup output

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  1. Hello,

    I just changed the pickups of my MIM Fender Jazz with the Super 55. I also replaced the standard wiring with a Richter JB VTT passive control plate, which is solderless.

    At first, the bridge pickup was non-functionnal. No sound at all. I had to undo everything and set it up again. Don't know what I did wrong the first time, but I got it working on the second pass.

    Neck pickup is fantastic, very hot. Bridge one is on the weak side, you know, very different output level. Ok, no fret, let's ajust the height to balance them better. Well, I can't get them to balance. Even with the neck one way down and the bridge one at the tip of its screws, there is still a good difference between both.

    Is there something I should check or correct?

    BTW, I have inverted them on the passive harness with the same result. I'd really like to make them work since they are very noiseless.

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    Do you have a multimeter to check the DC resistance of your pickup(s)?
  3. I'll try that tonight and come back with the results
  4. Well, here are my results:

    Neck: 8.31k
    Bridge: 8.32k

    I guess that explains my problem. The specs on the box says:

    Neck: 8.7k - 9.1k
    Bridge: 10.5k to 11.6k

    It's as if I'm having two neck ones instead of a set even though the physical size and the pcb do not agree.

    Is there anything to do or should I hunt and buy a new bridge one?
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    Apr 17, 2000
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    Is there any way you can return/exchange the bridge pickup for one that measures to proper specs?
  6. Sadly no, I bought them over a year ago and kind of forgot about them for some time...
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    Apr 17, 2000
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    I’ve never had a Super 55 (isn’t the Super 55 a microphone :speechless:), so I don’t know anything about it’s construction, or if a rewind or repair is possible.
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    Don't discount a broken pickup! I had a set of Super 55 noiseless Jazz pickups, and the neck pickup was broken. Reading online, I saw others had the same problem with theirs. Some people even had one pickup coil detach from the circuit board.

    On the Super 55, there is a circuitboard on the back of the pickup, and the pickup coils aren't mounted very securely to it. The pickup output wires connect via a quick-connect cable as well. There should be three wires running from this (black/white/green, from memory) and you *could* connect the connector upside down, though there are marks indicating the correct way of doing it. The connector doesn't 'snap' very strongly as well, so it could slide off over time as well. All of this could kill the output from the pickup.

    Fender missed the bus on these pickups. They could have been an Area J rival, but Fender went with the fiddly circuitboard design that made them more fragile. They also offer less wiring options.
  9. Well, not easy to find a replacement. I know they have been discoutinued but still..
  10. Found one on Reverb!

    Patience was rewarded. This one is perfect and now my Jazz sounds wonderful. It truly shines. Sad Fender no longer makes them...
  11. Slater

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    Apr 17, 2000
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    Possibly because they weren’t making enough of them properly. ;)