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Jazz bass turns into a G&L good save!!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by RSmith, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. I recently got a Lakland 55-94 deluxe and it knocked me off my feet. I also had a 2000 MIA Fender Jazz with EMG's (For the record the stock pup's sounded better). I got the bright idea to trade the Jazz for something fun, a Gibson Thunderbird. It was not the bass for me for a few reasons. I re-traded my friend for an older Ken Smith 4 a definite upgrade but still not quite "it". I traded that for a 97 G&L SB1. A great bass but not a lot of tonal variety, plus the neck was a little ill.
    I traded the G&L for a high end Ibanez Soundgear 1300 complete with exotic woods and all ( Paduk, bubingga, and an ebony fretboard. A Warwick wanna be. Quite a nice tone but over time I came to realize that the neck was a little thin for me and I wanted another Fender. Nothing quite like a Fender ya know?
    I remember seeing this old beat up 1984 G&L SB1 with flatwounds for only $450. at the local G&L store (Buffalo Bros.). I always wondered if it might be a diamond in the rough so I took a chance and traded the Ibanez straight across and picked up a set of DR lowbeams on the way home. I took it apart and scrubbed that bass clean, had it set up and ta da.
    This sucker smokes!!! Talk about a good honest chunky peice of "Fender-bass"! I played it at rehearsal and it's the fattest sounding most bite bass by Leo that I've ever played. I think I even prefer it to the Jazz. So through this time of trading I was getting bummed thinking myself foolish and picky. But I think I landed on top on this one plus I had the pleasure of owning 6 basses in the process. Hence the title good save.
    By the way the Lakland is still my #1, but dang the G&L is fun.

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