Jazz Bass with Series wiring and NO pots - possible?

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  1. Hi all - I see a lot of info on using a switch to move between parallel and series on a Jazz, but am considering going with NO pots - just pickups straight to the jack. I ALWAYS use my Jazz with both volumes up full, and never use the tone control.

    What I'm wondeirng is - if I connect both pickups leads to the hot lug of the output jack directly, will this yield parallel or series? I like both, just curious.....

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    Connecting both"hot" leads to a common "hot" lug and likewise with ground will result in a parallel connection.
  3. To wire in series you should wire one's pickup's "hot" wire to output, other's pickup's "cold" to ground and connect the resting leads together. The shield (if any) must be connected to the common ground for low noise.
  4. Just to make sure I have this straight - for example, NECK pickup hot to hot lug, BRIDGE pickup GROUND (cold/negative) to ground lug, then BRIDGE Hot and Neck Ground together?

    ALL shielding will be connected to common ground as well.

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  6. Thansk all - all my questions answered within 30 minutes - love Talkbass :)
  7. One more thing to mention: some (usually cheaper) pickups have common cold/shield wire. This makes noiseless series connection almost impossible.