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  1. 97 american standard,sunburst, rosewood board,tortouise &w/b/w pickguards, molded case, well cared for not a scratch or ding on it. $500.
  2. i was gonna e-mail you, but your address is blocked, anyways, i'm just informing you, you might wanna back down your price, you can get these basses for about $550 or so on musicians friend new.


    Sep 10, 2000
    not an american standard
    those go for like 800
  4. someone over in basses just got an Am. Std. P for $500. from MF, you must be thinking of american series.


    Sep 10, 2000
    they range from
    $599.99 - $949.99
    for some reason....

  6. Dude, you guys gotta let people email you, i dont wanna fill up this guys for sale thing wiht these mindless posts. but, you should know....

    The reason why the price range for american made fenders is such a broad range is the fallowing reason. Fender Eliminated the "American Standard" line, replacing it with the "American Series" to avoid confusion between the Mexican made "standard". Along with the name change, fender made a few minor changes to the guitars, thus they added some to the price. Then because of the new and improvoed american "seires" line, and the discontinuation of the "american standard" line, prices for american "standards" went way down due to popular demand for the "american series". That is why some American Fenders cost $500, and then some cost $900. The lower priced ones are "standard" and then the higher are the newer "series".

    With that, i think that we should end this discussion, or take it somewhere else, because this guy is trying to sell a bass, and its very rude that we're having this conversation on his add. Feel free to email me.
  7. extreme

    extreme Supporting Member

    Mar 20, 2000

    I was going to send you an e-mail as I may be interested in your jazz bass, but I couldn't get your e-mail address from your profile. Please leave your contact info. here or e-mail me at extreme517@netzero.net


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