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  1. I have tried over the years to like Jazz basses.....I love the way they look...however i just don't seem to get along with the way the feel in my hands (ergonomics and all)...yet i still have gas for one!!!

    bought and sold 4 over the years

    anybody else have this issue?
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    See, I always liked the feel and look of a Jazz over a P but never could get one to sound right until I figured out (after waaaaaay to long) that a series/parallel pickup switch could make the Jazz pickups behave more like a Ps and produce a girthier tone.

    good luck!
  3. I felt the same way about P's. For me it was finding the one with the right sound and feel. 5th one was a charm lol!
  4. Lol


    This is giving me serious Gas Pains!!!

    but i know somewhere in the back of my mind after 1 week i'm going to be back to not liking how it feels in my hands...lol
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    Nov 17, 2010
    Try a 90's MIA jazz. For some reason they play better than the modern ones.
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    It's all about how you hold it.

    Here is the correct way:

  7. LOL!!!
  8. Really Really digging the AVRI pictured above
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    Feb 11, 2012
    Snakman1066 I really like the looks of the natural wood Bass like that. I've been looking at getting a Squire like that one so I can go ahead and get my 75 reissue japanese Fender Bass. Other wise I'd be all over a natural wood Fender like that.
    What really throws you on the Jazz Bass?? just the feel of the neck? or the sound?
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  11. not the neck, kinda like that, though the spacing is a bit tight up near the neck...no i actually kinda like the growl of the jazz...it's the body mostly...just doesn't feel right to me
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    Jan 10, 2011
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    it's worth a shot. nothing vetured, nothing gained.
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    Went through about 4 of them myself, along with a P deluxe with a jazz neck, and some other Fenders. For reasons of insanity, I still gassed for one. I think I felt it was a must for a bass player to own a jazz. Finally bought myself a MIM antigua jazz. I fell head over heels in love. It sounds better than any of the others I owned, feels better, has neck with awesome action that I haven't had to tweak at all in almost 2 years. I scored. I'm a Fender hater, but I love this jazz. I think Fender lovers just get lucky early on in the game. People like you and I have to stick with it till we find the right one.
  14. Glad it's not just me!
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    I have always been the same way about jazz basses but for me the reason I end up selling them is I cant stand jazz bass necks. Most are to skinny at the nut or to thin back to back. I never have had a jazz neck I liked.

    I like the combo of a Jazz Body with a P bass neck which is the combo fender has never freaking made. I know I can put a P neck on a Jazz body and I have but them i sell it because it bugs me it says precision bass on it. Yep i can be picky like that. Its Also the fact I want a jazz to have blocks and binding as well. Basically someday i will have to order a custom neck and put it on a jazz body or wait tell fender makes that combo which is likely never.
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    +1. I have a '98 that I bought new, and have had several types of Fender jazzes since and before I got it, but none compare to this one. The neck has'nt budged since it's initial setup, and it always stays in tune. As far as feel goes, I think it's all in the type of neck you get. I'm not a fan of the ultra slim necks you find on some Jazzes; I'm more of a standard " C " type neck fan. I had a '70's Jazz back in the day that had a very chunky, wide neck, and was a back ache from hell; I think it weighed close to 10 lbs. :eek: Also do not care for the '70's bridge pickup placement. I've had some MIM Jazzes that were ok, but, again it seems like a crapshoot as to what type of neck you get with them, regardless of how Fender describes them. And, now, Fender has come out with so many different models of the Jazz, it's bewildering sometimes. So, a Fender Jazz is not always a Fender Jazz in every way; it takes some experimenting to find the one that " fits " you.
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    Just my experience, but I've a feeling it may also apply to others. My first real bass was a Warwick. Got used to playing it, then got an MIA P deluxe. Got used to the neck on that, and then hated the feel of the Warwick. Somewhere along my playing line I was forced to play a 5. Then I got addicted to bass buying. Went through all kinds of neck profiles. Wide, thin, fat, narrow, skinny, 4, 5, 6 string. I found now that neck profile means nothing more than what I'm used to, and what I've grown comfortable with. It's not even a consideration any more when I purchase a bass. Even if a bass feels odd to me, after I play it a few days it just becomes another bass.

    The reason I believe this applies to others as well as myself is because how sure I was that warwick necks weren't for me (own 2 warwicks now and love the feel of them both), and how disappointed I was when I first got my Big Al. At that time I had gotten used to a Stingray (the BA has more of a Jazz neck). Felt really uncomfortable playing it, and then after playing it exclusively for about 6 months, the Stingray felt totally weird and not "right".

    I would not let neck profile have a lot of weight in whether or not I choose to buy a bass. So many things are much more important. Like color. :)
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    Well, I guess everybody's hands and patience level are different. I know I could not play an uncomfortable bass for 6 months in order to get used to it. But since I've played Fender Jazz basses for close to 40 years now, I was speaking exclusively about them, and the difference in the types of neck that I experienced, and the comfort level I need. I do remember trying out one of the first Music Man Sting Ray basses when they came out, and could not stand the neck on it at all ! To each his own !
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