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Jazz Bassist,Edred Mitchell,at VSPlanet.com

Discussion in 'Recordings [DB]' started by Edred Mitchell, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. Hello to all,
    There is so much talent here at the double bas forum. I am Edred Mitchell of Tuskegee,Alabama and new to your forum here. I would like to introduce myself to you through some samples of my playing which are online at the following site.


    I would enjoy your comments as well as the ability to network with other players or those looking for bassist in my region of the country.Thanks.
  2. Jason,
    Thanks for taking the time comment and to do so positively. I met Charlie Haden through a former teacher,Jackie Pickett,who was the principal of the Atlanta Symphony at the time. Charlie rented one of her basses while touring with the L.A. Quartet and performing at a Birmingham Jazz Fest here. I had my bass wiith me,a reworked 1992 Josef Lidl carved top instrument which he said sounded nice but in the same statement advised me with all serious to get the best bass I could find saying that the difference is in the instrument you are playing when it comes down to how well you can express things and improv. I like Charlies playing but never really listened to him extensively. I am more impressed with cats like Dave Holland these days.
  3. I didn't have the time to load your stuff, but I just gotta ask...
    Edred Keith Mitchell...were you named after Keith 'Red' Mitchell'??
    You don't mention him in your influences. It's just too obvious?

    I just listened to Solar. You sounded really good. Wish I could say the same thing for the pianist. Like many piano players, he does his best to destroy and sink your solo. Congratulations!! You made it impossible for him because you're a strong player.
    I like your sound and as I said, the ability to hold eveything together!
    You're the hero, man.
    I'll check the other stuff when I get a minute.
    Welcome to TBDB.
    One more thing. Are you a lefty, or is your bib just on the wrong side?
  4. Hey Paul,
    Thanks for listening and commenting on the playing. The session I uploaded was a short demo for a club audition. The keyboardist was the leader and in a hurry to get in and out that day. He is more of a latin player with some serious chops who is now at Manhattan School working on his playing in the masters program. Nice enough cat but temperamental and very controlling when his name is on the marquee,especially.
    On the subject of Red Mitchell. I listened to him a bit but did not feel that tuning my instrument in 5ths was quite what I wanted to do to grab his concepts. I consider him a very inventive and melodic player and appreciated his big ears. Like your listed influences I would put my likes in the realm of Lafaro, Ron Carter, Buster Williams, Dave Holland , Paul Chambers and others just as mentionable who are more contemporary and extremely swingin'. Red's daughter called me when I first came on line some years ago and chatted with me for awhile. This was after her fathers death and she was really curious about a bass player named as her father was who played jazz as well. I enjoyed talking with her and hearing what it was like growing up with a Dad of his talent.