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Jazz from 77

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bas_anton, May 8, 2004.

  1. Hi! I´ve got a Marcus Miller signature Jazz. But it feels kind of bad assembled. Now here the deal. A friend of my father has got a Jazz from 77 with a Maple fingerboard. He doesn´t play much at all. So I´ve been thinking of trading basses with him. I don´t know if he wants to trade, but I just got to try:)
    Here the question....Is there anything special to look for when "buying" a 70s Fender? Any common problems?
    If I get it i will order a Sadowsky preamp and the i got my Miller(killer) bass! :hyper: :bassist: :hyper:

  2. The MM is MIJ and not worth as much as the MIA "77, you'll need to pay extra money unless your friend has no clue about the value of his 77 MIA jazz bass.

    Most 77 jazz basses have the micro tilt neck system. Plus look to make sure everything is original, dates, plates, pups, pickguard........check the neck for twists, relief problems, anything you would normally look for when buying a bass!

    You can do some reading about Vintage Fender Jazz Basses HERE

  3. liverbird


    Mar 22, 2003
    Well if you manage to get the MIA 77 and if it turns out all original I would get the outboard Sadowsky preamp rather than installing an onboard one. Value!

  4. Yup, don't mod the '77
  5. This guy is a rather old man who only plays in our church every second year or so. I must ask him soon. I was thinking of the di/preamp-box version. Wish me luck!