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JAZZ, FUNK, R&B?? My options?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Negrito0585, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. Hey people, im kinda new to the bass. i've been playing for a little while on various basses, none of which i want to continue playing. i'm really into playing funk, jazz, and r&b stuff. if anyone is familiar w/ The Roots or heard Philadelphia Experiment, i'm going to be doing playing in that genre. i need some suggestions on basses that are good for jazz and funk. im willing to spend around 600$ for a new or used bass. im really not looking for a beginner bass. more of a medium level. what are my options in that price range and quality level for fenders, ibanezs or yamahas? or any other brands would be good. Thanks so much.

    oh yea. i know there arent too many people who associate hip hop w/ bass guitar, but is anyone familiar w/ Hub from the roots? in my opinion they have a solid rhythm section. anyone know what kinda bass Hub plays? just curious. thanks anyway.

    Aaron Q
  2. Hub plays a jazz bass. A jazz will do great for any style of music. I would suggest getting a japanese Fender Jazz.
  3. that was quick. thanks. so fender jazz is a solid choice? what about the differences in where they're made: Mexico, US, Japan?

    also i've heard some people say to get a deluxe or don't get one at all. what are the major differences in the different makes? thanks.
  4. MIM=good
    MIA=Maybe a smidge better than MIJ

    MIJ is basically as good or sometimes better than MIA for quite a bit less money. The delue ones are just active instead of passive (if you arent familiar with those terms, use the search feature), which is not neccessarily an advantage.
  5. Oh and welcome to TalkBass!

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