Jazz Guitar Player Caught Guitar Fever!!!!!NOOOOO

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  1. Nooooooooo

    The guitarist in my jazz band decided yesterday to start being an ass after 2 years of playing together as a non-ass.

    For 2 years he was a great addition to rythem, and was cool as hell.

    Yesterday we had to play for some middle schoolers in band, to show em what to expect next year when they get in highschool.

    Well at the beginning he's showing off..not TOO bad....playing Mission Impossible, and simple stuff.... playing every song he knows to impress the girls there. He's a Junior flirting with an 8th grader.......nuff said.

    Anywayz, I play....frankly like crap. More than once have I backed his ass up when he sounded like crap. I would solo in his solo's when he's doing bad, I'd add in extra notes to hide his screwups on bad days. He usually helps me out.

    Well yesterday I'm doing terrible...I just wasn't in the mood... we're playing Chameleon, and my hands are absolutely killing me. I don't know why... so instead of him filling in for me he stays silent and plays his little chords. Which although is messed up, isn't wrong.

    But than afterwards he yells out loud "Good job bass!" and than gives me the terrible look.

    Than we play some more and he turns up volume. ALOT. We can't hear jack except for guitar. He solo's during the drummers turn...which is messed up.

    Is this like contagious?

    Can this be cured?

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