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jazz house in berkeley

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by 3 crotch grabs, May 18, 2004.

  1. hey, they've got some cool stuff on the calender this week. i just thought i'd share.

    [ THURSDAY, MAY 20th ]


    We kick it all off with the return of the very popular bass clarinet quartet Edmund Welles. For the few of you not familiar, this grouping brings together the best on the Bay Area's clarinet masters…Cornelius Boots, Beth Custer, Ben Goldberg, and Jacob Lindsay…..very unique sound…from the group’s website, “original low end etudes, rerenderings of several rock, gospel, boogie woogie tunes, and Renaissance motets. Edmund Welles: Muzak for conspiracy theorists.” (On the first reading, I thought that said “Renaissance motels”….and I thought “this should be exciting”…but we’ll save that for a future show.). You do not want to miss their rendition of The Doors’ “People Are Strange” on four bass clarinets!

    AND…if that wasn’t enough for the evening’s festivities at the Renaissance Motel….Ches Smith is also on the bill doing a VERY RARE SOLO PERFORMANCE! You might be familiar with Ches’ unique playing style from such collaborations as Good For Cows and John Schott’s Typical Orchestra…but this time, he’s stepping out alone…who knows what to expect form this set?



    Doors @ 7:30pm..... Show @ 8:00pm..... Price = $8 – 18 sliding scale.


    [ FRIDAY, MAY 21st ]


    On Friday….Mark Helias and Ray Anderson. Many of you may be familiar with New York-based, internationally known, Helias and Anderson and their work with drummer Gerry Hemmingway in the Bass Drum Bone trio, however we are welcoming them to The Jazz House in a very unique duo setting. This is another show not to be missed as these cats don’t get out this way too often.

    Mark Helias has played bass with the likes of Anthony Braxton and Don Cherry. As the All Music Guide states, he is a “versatile bassist with a particular flair for the avant-garde…is also an underappreciated composer, and no slouch with a funk groove either.”

    Trombonist Ray Anderson has also recorded with Anthony Braxton, and a huge list of others including John Scofield, Charlie Haden, and even Hall & Oates…he also has a very extensive list of recordings in his own name. “Ray Anderson’s rangy trombone playing comes into the sunshine in virtually all of the innumerable settings he’s assembled over the past decade. Bleating, splating, and moaning on his horn, he’s a delightful extrovert.” – The New Yorker



    Doors @ 7:30pm..... Show @ 8:00pm..... Price = $15

    (How cool is it that we have a “Cornelius” and a “Helius” on the calendar this week? o.k…so it doesn’t take much to amuse …)


    [ SUNDAY, MAY 23rd ]


    Sunday….two wonderful up-and-coming, “catch them now while they’re still in the area”, singer-songwriter, Americana, rootsy, folk, alt-country, guitar strummin’ sets with Sean Corkery and The Pickin’ Trix! Sean is exploding onto the scene doing originals from his very successful debut c.d. titled “Lefty”, as well as covers of tunes ranging from Tom Waits to Guns n’ Roses.

    And speaking of exploding onto the scene…The Pickin’ Trix opened a show at The Jazz House just a few short months ago and were a huge success then. Now, Xenia Rudnycka and Camille Anderson are back with a quickness, to headline their own evening of original tunes (many with hilarious and insightful political and current event themes).

    And pick up a copy of this week’s East Bay Express for more info on the groups/show as this show is being featured in this week!



    Doors @ 7:30pm..... Show @ 8:00pm..... Price = $7 – 12 sliding scale.