SOLD Jazz Improvisation- 2 books& CDs-- Jamey Abersold

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    Just turned 71. Sold all my basses except one Precision. Cleaning out the closet. Amazing how much stuff I've accumulated since I first heard Maca in 1964.

    Here are two great resources for you Jazz players. Great information on Jazz Improvisation. These books are for Intermediate and/or advanced players.

    "Moving on; A new approach to Jazz Improvisation": Jamey Abersold

    "Jazz and Rock; A new approach to Jazz Improvisation": Jamey Abersold

    Let me know if you're looking for something particular. I may have it buried in the closet.

    Shipping is FREE to lower 48. No shipments to Alaska or Hawaii (unless you want to pay actual charges.) No international shipments.

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