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Discussion in 'For Sale: Parts, Strings, and Accessories' started by a.green.martian, Nov 30, 2006.

  1. I've got a Hipshot BT-1 in chrome here. I got this from Bikeplate earlier this year and it was on my Sterling, but I no longer have it, and I don't have anything else it fits on.
    If I remember correctly, the BT-1 model fits G&L, Musicman, Schaller BML, and Hipshot HB-1 mounting holes; with no modifications. All mounting screws included, but no original packaging or instructions. Hipshot has the instructions available for download on their site, or I'll talk you through installing it if you want.

    $45 gets this shipped to your door anywhere in the ConUS. I'll even wipe the finger smudges off of it for ya for free.

    Hipshot - SOLD to JerseyRich78

    Added via EDIT:

    SansAmp Bass Driver DI - SOLD to Micolao
    I bought this as an OD/Distortion, but it's not to my liking.
    I'd call this new but I know if I do someone'll find a scratch or something on it, no velcro, all the feet, minty looking. Includes original box, warranty card/manual/cataloge, and your choice of Boss or Ibanez 9VDC power supply! (The Ibanez fits better into the back of a rack mount power conditioner.)

    Random Crappy Jazz PG - $5 Shipped
    W/B/W, scratches galore, looks like someone carved the space for the nubbins on the side of the pickup a little bit wider for some reason. It's not pretty up close, but from more than 5 feet away or so it looks like a regular old white pickguard. If for any reason you need a replacement, or just want to see what your bass looks like with a white pg; it's hard to go wrong with $5. If you're local, it's free, I'm just tired of looking at it.

    If you have anything to trade, I'm mostly interested in mid to high end fuzzes and distortions, but feel free to run anything by me.
  2. Bump

    If any one has interest in trading the sansamp for any of the following, I will add the appropriate cash.

    I'd really like to try:
    DAM Ezekiel 25:17
    PE Depth Charge
    ZVEX Mammoth
    Dredgetone Angler
    Homebrew Hematoma

    If you have somthing along these lines that is similar let me know as well...'cause I'll probably take you up on it.
  3. Sansamp - sold!
  4. Bump
  5. Hipshot sold

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