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Jazz pickup that is closest to a MM Humbucker

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by russpurdy, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. russpurdy


    Apr 16, 2013
    So I had a sub ray4 and liked the musicman style pickup but didn't play it enough so it's gone. What could I put in the bridge of my jazz to get closer to that sound. I was thinking a model J?
  2. The Model J has a very subdued top end, so i don't think it would be a good pick. I think a lot of the MM sound has to do with the placement (a bit closer to the neck than a Jaz bass bridge pickup), so without routing a new hole, you may be out of luck.
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  4. Funkinthetrunk

    Funkinthetrunk Registered User Supporting Member

    Without the wide aperture of the MM style humbucking pickups, you can't really replicate it with a Jazz pickup...no matter where the rout is.
  5. groooooove

    groooooove Supporting Member

    Dec 17, 2008
    Long Island, NY

    but, the pickup placement is a big part of it too.

    just get the fattest sounding j pickup you can... youll never be exact.. but it's as close as itll get.
  6. russpurdy


    Apr 16, 2013
    Thanks....sorta haha. Would putting a series parallel switch help fatten things up a bit?
  7. Isotonic


    Oct 19, 2011
    Round Rock TX
    Someone in another thread suggested that one of the Delano models with the huge magnets had a very beefy tone not unlike the MM. This video captures the sound pretty well. Beefy mids with plenty of top end. Not unlike a MM at all.

  8. Without placing it at the same position as the M.M. pickup, it will not sound anything like a M.M. Position is a huge factor in the sound.
  9. Sounds good, but not very M.M...
  10. Isotonic


    Oct 19, 2011
    Round Rock TX
    I am not a MM specialist, I have never had one, but we have all heard them. I suppose the Delano is as close as you are going to get. The OP was looking for a J set that would get him closer to an MM. I agree that a J could probably never nail it, but the Delano is certainly closer than the vast majority of J sets out there.

    In the end, there are many variables. I remember a story about Tommy Tedesco. He was asked to play a banjo on a tune. He didn't have one, so he taped a something made out of paper on the top of his acoustic, carefully hiding the instrument behind a gobo, he adjusted his picking technique and played the part. The producers response: Exactly! I Knew a banjo would fit there perfectly.
  11. Funkinthetrunk

    Funkinthetrunk Registered User Supporting Member

    Name I haven't heard in many years.

    I always thought that the perfect Jazz bass may be the ones that has a splitable MM pickup in the bridge. May not be in the same location, but close enough.