Jazzbass replacement pickup info ?

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  1. Ok, i've played my MIM Jazzbass pretty much non-stop since i got it last saturday, and i really love the way it sounds, but.. the humming is a pain in the butt..

    I heard there are pretty good replacement pickups, but i'm still not too sure about which one to get..

    Ofcourse it would be at least a set of humbuckers, but i've also read about something as " quadracoil ", can anyone enlighten me on this ?

    I've read some good things on DiMarzio Model-J replacement pickups, but i also read the wire's on them are pretty goofy...
    The local luthier in my town told me that Bartolini's are nice too, but these will require some work on my JB's body too.. ( :( )

    so.. tell me more about these replacement pickups, and please do not hesitate to tell me some technical details..
  2. No goofy wires on mine. :D I loved my MIM Jazz and Dimarzio DP123 Model J's so much, I bought a Korean Squier Jazz and put some Dimarzio DP123's on it too. No big deal to do, just a little wood chiseling to lengthen the bridge pickup route about an eighth of an inch total (that's about 4 mm for you Europeans :D ), and about 6 solder joints. I installed mine in about 30 minutes total for each bass.

    They are split-coil humbucking, which means they are actually 2 coils laid end to end, like a P-pickup laid end to end in a J package. That way they are humbucking even when only running one pickup.


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    May 3, 2001
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    Gotta go with DiMarzios, too. There weren't any strange wires on mine, either. I'm not great with electronics but had mine put together in about a half hour, too.

    p.s. - Musicians friend screwed up and sent me two sets of them, want one? I'll give ya a good price.
  4. Mike N

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    Another vote for DiMarzio DP123's.Ive got a pair in my 77 MIA J,and Im very pleased with them.Took 30 mins to install,no mods necessary with the MIA's,but(like Throbbinnut mentioned)you may have to modify the pickup cavity(and pickguard)for the bridge pickup on a MIM.Later MIM's with different length pickups(longer bridge pickup)may not require any mods at all.

    In any event the DP123's are imo a good choice and fairly simple to install.

    Good luck.
  5. well i have a MIM jazz and my pickups don't hum!
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    Oct 17, 2000
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    Try plugging it in to an amp!!! :D :D :D

    Gawd... sometimes I just slay me!

  7. CaracasBass


    Jun 16, 2001
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    Hi, those DiMarzio Model J DP123 are among the best replacement pup in the market.
    Bass Player magazine gave them the "Editor´s Top Tone Award", and one of the comments about them was: "The Marshall Killer".

    As always, it´s your decision.

    Good luck.:D
  8. Aaron


    Jun 2, 2001
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    Personally, i don't like the tone of my DP123 bridge pickup. It is a little too midrangy for me. But if you like the midrange, go for it.
  9. aero makes drop in replacements for mim jazz basses
  10. by the " goofy " wires on the DiMarzio's i mean, that they have 4 wires.. how do you hook 'em up ?
  11. Instructions are included. You hook the split-coils in series, (----- represents wire) ----coil----x----coil---- Like that, consulting the instructions to see what color goes where, 'cause I don't remember.:D

    Solder the red wire of each pickup to leg #2 of its respective volume pot. Solder the green wire of each pickup to the back of its respective volume pot. Solder the black and white wire of each pickup together. Put a piece of tape on this connection so that it does not touch any other part of the circuit. The wiring is now complete.

    from Dimarzio's web site. http://www.dimarzio.com/
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    p.s. - Musicians friend screwed up and sent me two sets of them, want one? I'll give ya a good price. [/B][/QUOTE]

    Hey if you still have them e-mail me at [email protected] I am very interested.;)
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    Nov 29, 2000
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    Mine dont hum either Freaky, are the deluxe pickups much different from standard.
  15. I have a Dimarzio Model J at my bridge on the 4 string (paired with a Model P) and I like it a lot. Definitely a lot of midrange bite.. that's what I was looking for.
  16. SMG

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    if you want to do a minor mod, install a push/pull knob on both volume pots and wire each pickup series/parallel....you get a ton of different USABLE tones!:)
  17. My MIM doesnt hum.

    And what is this split/parallel business?
  18. SMG

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    Series/parallel is for the direction of the current as it goes through both halfs of a humbucking (Dimarzio J's are humbucking) pickups. Series is the standard current flow through humbucking pickups which is one direction through one coil and back in the other direction through the second coil. Parallel sends the current through both coils in the same direction. Dimarzio (and Schaller) J's can be wired with a series/parallel switch, or through the use of a push/pull pot. In parallel the tone is thinner, more like a standard Fender single coil J sound, but since it is humbucking, it obviously cancels out the hum. This is a really cool modificatin with either Dimarzio (or Schaller, which sound very close to Dimarzio) J pickups.
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    Oct 2, 2001
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    I put EMG JV's in my MIM. You have to adjust the bridge route also, but otherwise they drop right in and come with new volume and tone controls, only minor soldering required. I bought them based on the results of the BassPlayer Shootout and run them at 18 volts as suggested in the sidebar. A very vintage style tone with NO HUM! I've since retired my MIM and dropped the JV's in my AmStd.