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Jazzers ?

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by powermans, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. I have just completed an order with Mike Pecanic for a compensated Tailpece and have decided to spruce up the old girl with a new set of fencing wire! My question is, I am a great fan of Obligato's and have them on my 3/4. I was just about to order a set from Quinn's however,thinking about it, I seem to remember some great comments on the "Pirasto Jazzers". Marty comes to mind from Napier NZ.I think you use them don't you?? Anyway, those of you who have used either Obligatos and Jazzers give me a comment.... I ONLY play Pizz. If you've just used Jazzers would also like your opinion.
    Finally , I note that the advert for Jazzers STATES for 3/4 size. I have been informed from Mike Pecanic that my second Bass is 13/16 Size (I always thought it was full size)it says 4/4 inside the box! anyway, FRANCOIS where are you, do I have a problem with the string length on the Jazzers??? keeping in mind that I will have an extenstion of 3 inches on the Mike's compensated tailpiece.:meh:
  2. Those size numbers are not much important, and more than often confusing.
    If you tell me the sum of the lenghts between and pecanic extension place where the string ball will be and the bridge, then between the bridge and D string peg, I could tell you if they'd fit.
    That's the only way to be sure.
    (BTW Quinn states 3/4 on about every string set, so it's quite confusing, knowing that many are in fact designed for 7/8 or 4/4 basses)
  3. Hello again Francois,
    Well, I would like to be able to give those figures you asked for however, I have just placed the order with Mike today, and don't expect to receive the tailpiece for another 2 weeks by mail.

    I have also left a message with Mike asking about the string length so, he may be able to assist with the answer prior to the tailpiece arriving here.
    Anyway Francois, you DID NOT reply on the sound of the Jazzers against the Obligatos!!! I LOVE the Obligatos and as I said earlier was just about ready to order another set except I would like to test the water elsewhere.eg:- "Jazzers"
    Are they what they advertise.... made for Pizz and Jazz Players? do they have the same growl on E string that I can get out of the Ob's?

    Are they as thick as the Ob's. when you compare the Ob's to Corelli's ....the Corelli's are like Guitar strings. Anyway, give me your views?
    Thanks Mick
  4. They are thinner than Obligatos.
    In fact they are similar to Spiros.

  5. Thanks Francois....You're always on the money!:D
  6. Do you hate them only on your bass, or in general? Do you hate other aspects of the obs in addition to the plasticy tone?
  7. D'darrio makes good string that work well for any style. My plywood/cheap bass sounds better than some carved basses I have tried mainly because of the strings. Of corse, I don't really like the trebly sound of jazz stings. My jazz stlye is fairly thumpy with a little edge to cut through that i mainly generate by plucking really hard. Thomastik-Infeld make a pretty good set as well.
  8. olivier


    Dec 17, 1999
    Paris, France
    What I liked with the Obs the first time I tried them was that I could hear the bass, as opposed to other strings where it's mostly the string that you hear. I am speaking of a real DB, with a full body here. François has an amasing knowledge of DB strings, yet his bench is an EUB. I respect his opinion about Obligato's, but how can you hear the bass when there's none to be herd ? Maybe we should send him a real bass and a bow... ;)

    It's nothing personal, I consider him as a buddy and I would certainly try to hook up with him would my path go thru Quebec. Paix.
  9. Hey Mike, how goes it? No, I've used Velvet Garbos for about 14 months now, never had any experience with Obs. I never bow either, and I'm currently playing in a jazz group and a rockabilly band. The Garbos handle these disparate styles easily. Take care man.
  10. As Olivier stated (salut mon ami!), my bench is an EUB, and I didn't played a 'real' bass since many years now, so my judgment on the Obligatos is based solely on what I get on my EUB!
    However: an EUB is not just a plank. It's made out of wood, has some resonance, and has his own acoustical properties in the way it transmits the vibrations, enhances some, weakens others, like a 'real' bass. The EUB I use has a small internal resonance chamber, as well as floating tone bars under the bridge.
    All this gives its unique color to the vibrational patterns, which is different for each bass, being purely acoustical, or amplified.
    That said, I'm aware they may work very well with other instruments, but I don't fear to state that I hate a string, even if everyone says otherwise.
    Mutually, I love some strings that others don't.
    The conclusion is that one needs to make his *own* idea of a string on his own instrument, 'cause there's no absulute rule!

    I'm not sure if that answers your question though! :)
  11. Actually, no. I knew from your profile that you played EUB. I've not tried obs myself, so I wasn't questioning your distaste for them. What I wondered was do you hate characteristics other than just the sound, like the feel of the wrap, or tension, or anything else. Is the winding smooth like spiros, or can you feel more friction when you slide to shift?

  12. Touch


    Aug 7, 2002
    Boulder, CO
    I've used both Jazzers and Obligatos on this old carved bass.

    The Jazzers have tons of sustain and a more pronounced overtone series. With a lower action one can get plenty of growl. I really liked their sound when I was playing in a Jazz trio. I think they compare well to Spirocores.

    I switched over to Obligatos for the bluegrass and old-timey band that I am in now. I tried the Jargar Dolce but they were just too dark for this bass. They really sounded nice on arco, but alas, no one pays me for arco. For this type of music, I was looking for a quicker release and less sustain than the Jazzers. The Obligatos also have a more pronounced fundamental in my opinion.

    I received a set of the Obligato solos from Pirastro and have also been giving them a test drive. They sound similar to the orchestral(normal) Obligatos but with less tension (duh). The one thing that I'm not too crazy about is that on both the orchestral and solo Obligatos there is excessive "roll" on the A string. I don't feel this rotation on any of the other strings. The solo Obligato E sounds pretty dull but I really like the G and D. For a while I was using the Obligato solo G and D and a Rotosound E and A.

    I really liked the Jazzers.

  13. The windings are IMO not as smooth as other Pirastro strings, but considering that they stretch a lot, this is normal.
    My dislike is with the sound.
  14. Thankyou, Gentleman for your comments on Jazzers & Obs. Also Sorry Marty,( How's Earthquake Corner?) I remember now that you're on the Velvet's , Yes when I read your line it all came back to me. I remember you raving about the Velvet's, but I note you Play a LOT of Rock-a-billy,and Jazz I don't know how they would sit for Jazz alone ???
    Also Touch nice to get the comparison on the Jazzers to the Obs. I tend to like sustain, and you say that they tend to hang on longer than the Obs... I'll take all this on board!
    Francois are these lads giving you are hard time with your EUB! I'm sure they don't mean it!

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