JBL E-140s with paper cones?

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  1. Hey there guys, I got my order in at low down sound for a pair of 1x15s to be loaded with k-140s.
    The k's are sweet and I love my pair, but I'm worried about what would happen if I were to ever break one of the speakers, I've seen recones go up to the 200s. That being said I've got a handle on a pair of e-140s for about 200 dollars that I'd like to buy and keep as backups in the event that I break something and need to toss in my cab if I ever need to in a pinch, but the only problem is that they have been reconed and dont have the aluminum dust cap that kind of defines the D's E's and K's that I've seen.

    Any opinions?
  2. will33


    May 22, 2006
    Dustcaps can be replaced by themselves without doing the rest of the cone.

    I'd verify they are the correct cones before dropping any money. You could swap the paper dustcaps with aluminum ones, but I'd be suspicious of the cones being the correct JBL cones and not some chinese knockoff recone kit.
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    May 22, 2006
    Different dustcaps can change the treble response of the speaker, especially going from something solid like aluminum to something more porous, like a vented dustcap.
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    I'd buy 'em anyway - they aren't going to do anything but appreciate.
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  6. E140 could be reconed with either Factory or Aftermarket kits.
    I have two E110, one each of the above kits. They do measure out differently.

    FWIW, if you want to replace dented domes, this is doable.
    I suggest you hire it out..
    The job is quite tedious, and a special adhesive is required.

    I did this (once) on an E155, then dropped the !@#$% wrench while installing... and dented the new dome. :crying:

    By the time you get the materials and parts, a farm-out job isn't much more expensive *if* you don't have to ship.
  7. I talked to him via email and he said he went with a semi local company for the recone and he decided to move to paper dustcaps, I'll give the place he referenced a call to verify that they do use official jbl recone kits tomorrow. I know it's been beaten to death that the E's are semi similar to the K's but hear that they are a bit warmer but take less wattage. Any opinions from you guys?
  8. johnk_10 did a big thread with recordings and a full history.
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    Well the speaker geometry is the same and the K and E 140 original kits
    are exactly the same item.

    I would think the difference would be quite small assuming magnet material is irrelevant to sound because the K has an Alnico magnet and the E has a much heavier ceramic one.

    I have owned both speakers and have a very slight preference for the mic'd tone of the K series when I used them together in a 2X15.
    Love the tin can top end the aluminium domes give them, those are some of my favourite bass recording speakers, if you are going to use a mic.
    Also I do so love the old Altec 418 series two stepped alnico magnet driver, they used to put it in some old Ampeg STV115 and flip top cabs as a deluxe option.
    They where like half way between a JBL D130f and a K140, not quite as bright as the 130 but with better low frequency bass like the K140.
    The centre dome of the Altec is alloy like the JBL but it's a three inch voice coil as apposed to a four inch on the JBL so the tin can top has a slightly different higher zing than the K140!.
    It's like the difference in upper mid between a gig or two older set of strings and a nice brand new ding dang, diddly ding, ding ones.

    PS I love agile naturally bright speakers, so I have a pair
    of the old EVM 12S short basket version of the EV 12L.
    In an old well lagged Laney 4x10 sized sealed 2X12 in my isolation room.
    That's not got ally domes but has fantastic upper mid and treble though.
    I can get low end out of the DI low as I like, but there is nothing as good as a great mic'd speaker tone.:bassist:
  10. nysbob


    Sep 14, 2003
    Cincinnati OH
    for all practical purposes, there isn't that much of difference between the K & E series. I think JBL was trying to keep the performance consistent other than the change in magnet material. I use 145s and have a few of both K's and E's, to me they're pretty much interchangeable.