No longer available JCR 5 ST Tuyah Top FL

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    Roger Guitars
    IMG_9899.JPG IMG_9902.JPG IMG_9898.JPG IMG_9901.JPG IMG_9909.JPG IMG_9908.JPG IMG_9906.JPG IMG_9907.JPG One of the greatest sound fretless you'll ever play, it has so many sound options that u can use in any gig, it features :

    -Thuya Burl (solid) topwood
    -Swamp ash body
    -Maple neck with purple heart stringers
    -African blackwood fingerboard
    -Pickups Delano SBC 5
    -Jon East 4 band Preamp
    -V, Blend, Bass/Treble, Low Mid/High Mid, Tone/Push/Pull/Active/Passive
    -33' scale
    -28 fretlines(purple Heart)
    -17mm spacing @ the bridge, can go up to 17.5mm

    The bass come with a JCR Case, there are two small dings on the body see pictures. Amazing growling, great sound, the combination of the Delano and Jon East gives you a wide Palette of tones.

    JCR stands for Jaume Catalan Redondo. He is a great Luthier from Spain, check his website:
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