Jealous of all Geddy Lee bass owners.

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  1. I'm saving up for one of those mim geddy lee models but I heard some cons about them. More cons than pros actually. I'm torn though. IS it worth selling my American p bass for one of these?
  2. They make Mexican Geddys now?
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    Apples and oranges. Geddys are great basses but the neck will be much thinner than your P bass. I strongly suggest trying one before you decide to offload your p bass. I bought a Geddy and ended up selling it because my hand was cramping up. All in all a fantastic bass but just not for me. Geddys are now made in Mexico. The one I had was made in Japan.
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    May 2, 2013
    With so many fine basses on the market from which to choose, what is there to be jealous of?
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    Play a Geddy first! I cannot stress that enough! I have not played one Geddy Lee that I liked! Mostly the neck profile but to some extent the sound. I have played Geddy's side by side with other basses, including the Squier VM jazz and have always preferred the other bass.

    I have a much modded VM jazz to look like a Geddy and I love the sound and feel vs the "real thing"

    Get to a large music store and test several basses vs the Geddy and see what you think.

    BTW, that is my Squier in my avatar pic....
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    Is it the look you're after, or the tone? I have a MIM/Squier that I built to look like a Geddy since I never felt compelled to pay for the real thing. I like a fast/thin neck, but somehow came up short when I compared it to other basses in the store. I'd buy an MIJ model used if it was an absolute steal, maybe, but otherwise it's never been that high on my priority list.

    (My FrankenGeddy is for sale, actually.)

  8. I like the look of the Geddy, but every one I've picked up has been heavy & the neck's too skinny for my taste. Throw a Classic 70s P neck on it and reduce the body weight...I'd be in heaven. :D
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    I really really wanted a GL jazz bass. I like Geddy, and loved the way the bass looked. I got to play one in the store and sound wise was not impressed. I like a slim neck, but it was just too skinny. That's the same problem I had with my Ibby SR500, which I loved other than the neck being TOO skinny. I sold the Ibby and bought a used MIM jazz that was hanging next to the Geddy. I paid $300 instead of $550 and couldn't be happier. I wish the Geddy Lee was better.
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    I had a Geddy and miss it. I traded it (plus cash) for my first Ric. I really liked that bass. I bought it used but in mint condition for less than $500 at the time (before the price hike and move to mexico). I just bought a US Fender Jazz from my guitarist and to be honest, I preferred the tones I got from my Geddy. However I suspect its like any can get a great one or get a dud, even within the same makes/models.
  11. Well I did try the one model my music store is selling. I personally love the extra thin neck. I don't know how people get cramps from playing a super thin neck. My mim jazz bass has a thin neck like it should be it feels fat compared to the GL. And he is my top influence in playing bass OMG that badass bridge....impossible to buy separately since the Leo quan passed away....
  12. Can you pm me your pictures of your frankengeddy? Please

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    The Fender GL is a great bass USED. I would not pay new price ($1000) for an MIM Geddy. The older MIJ's though are fantastic. I owned one briefly (stupidly traded it for a different bass and am now planning to buy another). Being a person of stubby fingers, the thin neck feels great and the tone is so aggressive, yet versatile.
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    Speaking as 18-year veteran massage therapist, everyone's built a little (or a lot!) differently. Add in the varied daily routines and repetitive stresses each person puts their bodies through, it's no surprise to me at all that one kind of neck won't work for all hands.

    Also, I must add this; I very briefly met Geddy once. He was signing copies of his solo "My Favorite Headache" album up at the Menlo Park Mall in New Jersey (right after an interview on 105.5FM…WDHA ROCKS!!:bassist:).

    I'm on the tall-side at 6'1" and a bit toned, but not bulky or beefy. When I shook his hand my training couldn't help but kick in and here's what I noticed. Just below his elbow, where his forearm is at it's thickest diameter, was as thick as my wrist. In other words…this man is tiny! So it comes as no surprise when I hear how thin the neck of his basses are. And by extension, not everyone will take to a G.L. neck.
  15. I get cramps playing my p bass which is another reason I wanna get rid of it. my hands are tiny and I prefer jazz basses anyways.
  16. My MIJ is great. Got it in 1998.
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    I wasn't really trying to peddle the bass on you, but sure, check your PMs.
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    I'd say no, but I'm not much of a Jazz fan. Rather than look into selling an American Jazz to buy an import which is actually pretty common I'd look into what it is about your Jazz that makes you want to consider getting rid of it. Is it just the looks or is there a problem with the sound or the way it plays?

    Edit: For some reason I thought you had a US Jazz. I'd try to trade for a US Jazz rather than a Geddy; the Geddy would be a downgrade to what you have now.
  19. Malak the Mad

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    If it's causing you pain, certainly. A little discomfort when trying to adapt to a new bass is one thing. But if it's causing constant discomfort, that could lead to bigger problems down the road. Something you do over-and-over for years should be comfortable, or at the very least, be made as comfortable as possible and easy to recover from.

    If you want something Jazzy, American-made and esthetics aren't a factor (and as a former illustrator, I understand if it is…Rule of Cool and all that), there's a Best Buy liquidation sale on some American Special Jazzes. If I hadn't already scored a practically-new CV Jazz a couple of weeks ago, I'd be saving up for this puppy.
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