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Jeff Ament of Pearl Jam

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by Wes I AM, Nov 13, 2000.

  1. Wes I AM

    Wes I AM

    May 27, 2000
    Tampa, FL
    My favorite band by the way.. What do you guys think of Jeff's playing? He seems to do a lot of sliding and uses mostly fretless basses. I think he is pretty cool. Pure Grunge rock! the best thing that ever happened! Forlorne, sigh.. whatever happened to my bands of 1990-1994? alas.. So, anyway, how do you dudes feel about him (Jeff)??
  2. JazznFunk


    Mar 26, 2000
    Asheville, NC
    Lakland Basses Artist
    I think Jeff is an incredible bass player. Great tone, great time, inventive composition. A lot of guys from the Seattle scene were incredible musicians that never got the credit they deserved, and Jeff was one of them. He never seems to overplay, yet can be very active in the tune without being overpowering.

    Dude, I TOTALLY agree with you about missing all the bands from 1990-'94. That was the last time any good rock music has come out. Well, maybe that's an overstatement because there HAS been some good stuff since then, but not on as large a scale. Nothing has any SOUL anymore. Pearl Jam is the only band left since Soundgarden broke up and Nirvana, well, we know what happened there. It's a shame. But hey, I don't mind living in the past when it comes to that. My musical tastes as far as modern rock stuff are concerned pretty much reside in the grunge era. That's about all I listen to when I'm in the mood for rock stuff. Can't stand any new stuff, except for maybe 311 and a few other bands.

    Anyways, I'm off topic now. <lol>

    P.S. Add STP to the list of bands from that era that still kick ass! <lol>

    [Edited by JazznFunk on 11-14-2000 at 08:28 AM]
  3. Acacia


    Apr 26, 2000
    Austin, TX
    personally, i detest alot of the stuff from that grunge era, but i do like the first PJ LP. Ament lays down some great groove on it.

    rock on.
  4. Erlendur Már

    Erlendur Már

    May 24, 2000
    I´m a PJ fan, and his basslines are really great
  5. Wes I AM

    Wes I AM

    May 27, 2000
    Tampa, FL
    Right on JassNFunk! STP is great too man. I love their first album Core. Plush is a killer tune always. My feelings pretty much exactly about modern rock music, except I do listen to Third Eye Blind on occasion. Anyways, Pearl Jam rocks!
  6. Wes I am, glad you're still here. It sounded like you were through with TB after you got lots of negative comments in your Sam Rivers thread.
    I dig Jeff Ament's playing, too. I'm not too hip on his electric upright playing, though. I used to listen to the VS. album alot. Good stuff.
    BTW, Shhhhhhhhhh don't tell anyone: I have a Limp Bizkit CD.
  7. jimmysquid


    Jul 5, 2000
    I wasn't a huge PJ fan but Jeff is cool. I'd like to hear some of his side project 3 Fish. They had a write up in BP about it a little ways back.

    2 cool things about JeffA:

    1)He listed as Regatta De Blanc by the Police as one of the albums that most influenced him.

    2)He's the only person from the Seattle scene to acknowlege King's X's influence on grunge.
  8. Wes I AM

    Wes I AM

    May 27, 2000
    Tampa, FL
    Hey man, I'm not going anywhere. That is, unless I win an NPC contest within the next few years and turn pro! Keep on thumpin you guys!
  9. Yertle The Turtle

    Yertle The Turtle

    Nov 15, 2000
    I think Jeff Ament is really good because he's a very, very solid rock bass player. He basically is my influence in that particular 'solidity'
  10. I hate the name "grunge". It pisses me off. I was watching this Show, "Behind: the music 1992" It said listeners were getting sick of "...grunge music's gloomy message." I don't think pearl jam is gloomy at all.
  11. Wes I AM

    Wes I AM

    May 27, 2000
    Tampa, FL
    No, most of Pearl Jam's tunes aren't gloomy. On the surface that is. Most of their songs, however, in their meanings, are very deep and powerful. Think real hard about what some of their songs are really about. Black, Betterman, Release, Once, Satan's Bed just to name a few. And we all know what Jeremy and Deeper are about. But don't think too hard or you may start to feel a little gloomy yourself. Peace..
  12. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    His treatment on "Do The Evolution" was really gifted - dissonant, off meter, intensely interesting. I never did get the basketball dolls setting on the amp head thing, but when you compose basslines like that, you can slam dunk the PA for all I care.
  13. Yertle The Turtle

    Yertle The Turtle

    Nov 15, 2000
    And he does a cool little bass solo in 'Present Tense' off the NO Code album.

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