Jeff Berlin overdubs himself on Norah Jones recordings?

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  1. True, but every every once in awhile it works.

    What Jeff was doing on those tracks is just the thing that many of us do at home practicing and not "out", because most people don't want to hear us in that role very often.

    I enjoyed the two tracks; they were fun.
  2. Or Call Me Al.

    But I figure a bass solo is a different thing than a solo from one of our squeaky cousins. It's not going to drive up the energy because screamy sounds do that: it's going to make the whole thing hipper, which doesn't seem to sell pop songs these days. Unless producers write songs that accomodate bass solos (on purpose or by happy accident), wedging them in is just a recipe for :bawl:.
  3. The last thing I want to say in this thread is that I still didn't take the time to listen to the songs and I'm still not the owner of an SX bass...
  4. In fact, if you were to play a concert a night, seven nights a week it would take you 2,740 years to play a million concerts.

    A million is a lot.
  5. EADG mx

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    Jul 4, 2005
    So he's delusional?
  6. :rollno::scowl::rollno::scowl:

    No, he'a a great musician.
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    Man I sure would like to get ahold of one of his Dean Sig model basses. Too bad they don't make em anymore :(
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    No, he's a delusional great musician.
  9. ZonGuy


    Sep 2, 2007
    My 2 centavos:

    I spent a tremendous amount of time getting my chops up to do solos in jazz ( and you get a lot of opportunities to solo in jazz).

    Outside that genre, I don't particularly feel the need to solo, except if I really have something to say. I would much rather get in a tasty fill ala Leland Sklar, Max Bennett, Carol Kaye or vintage Pino Palladino. Or a hook that IS the song ala James Jamerson. To me, if I can hold down the groove, BUT add something special to the music( a hook, a melody counter point or even just one perfect note hit in exactly the right spot with the drums, whatever) then that is my "solo", my personal statement. You know its special, when people associate it with the song, so if you leave it out one night, folks ask why. I spend 99% of my time trying to get there. If a solo fits, go for it.

    I really liked a couple of things that Jaco did on Hejira and Don Juan, but I think sometimes it is more tastefull to pull back some, especially if it is more than just acoustic guitar, bass and drums.

    I was listening to satellite radio today and "All Right Now" by Free (bass by Andy Fraser) and the bass line really made the song, but I wouldnt call it a solo. Some stuff from the early Carol King albums are the same way,
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    There have been, and will always be, groundbreaking players - on all instruments - who shake things up, change our expectations, confound us, and sometimes irritate us; some are heralded as geniuses, while others are reviled.

    That said, I prefer to listen to BASS players and, despite their enormous chops, don't enjoy listening to overly busy, treble-heavy, electric bass GUITAR players. I'm not condemning players like Berlin. It's just that - most of the time - I'd rather be listening to Ray Brown or Rocco Prestia. Different strokes and all that...
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    +1. I'm with you, though I do think there is a ton of room in the bass world for guys and gals to explore the annoying aspects of the instrument. I also like getting their gigs out from under them for rockin that pocket.

  12. The overdub thing does seem tacky.
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    BTW, I should add that I've recorded a fair amount of stuff over the past couple years using only bass and programmed drums. And there are solos in it as well. So it's not like I'm totally against the idea. But I was also going for a nasty ugly low-fi sound for comedic effect, so the bass was perfect ;)
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  15. IMO less is more 90% of the time. I would rather hear a few notes that have taste and a nice groove then a player that overplays and tries to throw down as many notes as he can, that means nothing to me, but if the music calls for it and it is done well cool I am all for it. But I dig these guys and they do solo stuff that is amazing. Randy Marshall all solo bass and Casey Spinit fusion, rock funk and groove does it all very well and is a way cool person check them out if you have not heard them.
  16. That was badass!! Especially during the doubled acoustic guitar solo!! Personally, it's kind of a cool novelty thing, i dug it......I'd never buy it but I liked listening to it....once.....
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    Jeff posted these tracks a while ago on his myspace page,he also was asking if any of his myspace friends knew how to get in touch with norah jones and/or her producers so that I assume he could pitch them the idea of them working together.When I saw what he had done the first thing i thought was he's going to get a cease and desist letter and the second thing I thought was that Jeff is really out of touch with where the music biz is going right now.Jeff has a bunch of great credits but has a history of making some career killing decisions (asking to be paid more money than anybody else in the band by frank zappa is one I just heard about here on TB)In the last week Jeff has sent a myspace message to all his friends asking them to write Bassplayer mag and tell them to bring his column back years after the editor ignored his call's and Emails.I'm sorry thats a little lame and desperate IMO.He admits that he has been very abrasive to people in years past and has done himself damage,now it seems that he is trying anything he can think of to get in.
  19. Thunderthumbs73


    May 5, 2008
    Strange. I was just thinking how this is very much like Carlos Santana. He too, just plays over the top of everything else, including the lead vocals.


    I suppose Jeff means well, and I hope he has that copyright thing taken care of...
  20. Thunderthumbs73


    May 5, 2008
    I'd just say that it's sad and unfortunate. On one hand I think people should get what's coming to 'em and reap the oats they sow (positive and negative), but on the other hand, I hate to see someone struggle so much to overcome past errors if they're have truly changed for the better, or are trying to make honest amends.

    Thanks for sharing.