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Jeff Berlin Plays a fEARless 115 at NAMM!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by CL400Peavey, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. murphy


    May 5, 2004
    Toronto, Canada
    Hey , it sounds great.
    What bass is he using?
  2. That's a Regenerate Guitar Works Regenerator 4.1, built by Rod Banach (Rodent on TB).

    AWESOME basses! Bill Clements is using one now.
  3. That's just all kinds of tasty.
  4. Typical no-talent comment on Youtube...

    henniebogan1 6 days ago

    my name is jeff berlin ive been playing the bass forever and still have to look at my hands to play my scales lol

    Yeah, and he has more talent than you ever will and can play you into the ground.

    Oh, and lol...

    lol=stupid internet talk.
  5. Well sure the internet is full of idiots. Jeff's playing is amazing, and it is presented wonderfully through the rig he is playing.
  6. Mr. Foxen

    Mr. Foxen Commercial User

    Jul 24, 2009
    Bristol, UK
    Amp tinkerer at Ampstack
    People without a 'stache can still make gun of his though right?
  7. Only if they post a pic of themselves... :smug:
  8. Art Araya

    Art Araya

    May 29, 2006
    Palm Coast, FL
    that's a good tone for Jeff. much better than his typical very thin tone. IMHO

    excellent melodic soloing. when i want to hear a master bass soloist, he never disappoints.
  9. +1 That P Bass type instrument he is playing is perfect for his sound. He always lays on that big soapbar set right at the bridge in his 'signature basses', and while it is articulate as heck, it has no low end. The idea of this bass (if I have it right, basically a P Bass with a more modern neck) would be perfect for him! That type of bass with the clean but warm LMIII, and a nice fat sounding cab, and there you go!
  10. nutdog

    nutdog when I'm a good dog they sometimes throw me a bone Supporting Member

    Feb 19, 2009
    in the dog house
    Didn't he violate some NAMM bass rule like "Thou shalt slap triplets"?
  11. No, he's cool. As long as you spend most of your time above the 12th fret, you are considered part of the gang:D
  12. Art Araya

    Art Araya

    May 29, 2006
    Palm Coast, FL
    +1. Too bad he doesn't frequent TB any more. We could help him with his tone. LOL.

    I'm pretty sure he likes his tone - thin as it seems to me - since every bass/amp/cab I hear him play thru (except this last one) seems to have the same vibe going on. It must be the sound in his head.

    It does work for his soloing - as you state, it's very articulate and clean.
  13. +1 Unusual to hear him playing a fat as heck P Bass!
  14. IMO he's playing too many notes. My ol' ear'oles can't keep up! :)
  15. That's our Jeff. Always ''smoke 'em if you got 'em'' :D
  16. Much better than his usual tone, IMO. Now, if he'd just put flats on that......:D
  17. This is fun. Kind of like that old 'dressing Barbie and Ken' fashion thing that little girls did way back in the day. We can make Jeff anything we want! The next thing you know, Jeff will have lost 30 pounds, cut the 'stash, mostly groove down low, play a P with flats through a fEARfless rig, and see the beauty in music versus just technical skill.:p

    PS Not a Jeff hater... I'd give my left you know what to have that sort of talent.... but it is kind of funny.:p
  18. seang15


    Aug 28, 2008
    Cary NC
    What's the best metal for a fEARless cab?
  19. They may be many, but at least they are all the *right* notes.

    Sadly, I just barely missed this impromptu performance. I had been upstairs and came down (on my way to the Regenerate booth) just in time to get a picture with Jeff and the Regenerate guys.

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