Jeff Matz (High on Fire) Pedalboard Pic

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  1. Hi all,

    I saw High on Fire last night (bloody amazing show!), and I managed to snap a couple crappy cell pics before security told me to piss off. From what I could see, there's an Analogman DS-1, Pickle Pie, Dunlop 105q, Boss tuner, Volume pedal, Radial amp switcher, and of note the new Brimstone Crossover distortion. My question is, does anyone know what the gold pedal is?

    vemume4a. a9aze4ug.
  2. Grrface


    Jun 26, 2010
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    Gold pedal is a Black Arts Toneworks Pharaoh
  3. zwkoch

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    Nov 29, 2012
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    I know Jeff is a beta tester and endorser for Brimstone.
  4. Thanks! I should have figured as much. He has such an amazing one hell of a player. He ran a biamped rig with an SVT/8x10 and a Blackstar guitar head with a 4x12.
  5. vegas532


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    That's a nice little layout. What's he using the 105Q on?
  6. rulyongo


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    I know it's a little off topic, but what bass was he playing?
  7. As far the wah, I'm not sure exactly what songs he used them on.

    For his bass, he used a black Fender P all night.
  8. Prolly the P. He's gone back to that in favor of the First Act the last couple times I've seen them.
  9. rulyongo


    May 5, 2011
    Carolina, PR