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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous [BG]' started by ga_edwards, Oct 2, 2003.

  1. ga_edwards


    Sep 8, 2000
    UK, Essex
    For the attention of fans of music in the style of Satch & Vai.

    I shall be playing at Jemfest UK on Oct 11, in the South Bank Uni (aka the Isobar), London, with 'my' new band.

    I am playing with guitarist Clive Murray (unheard of as yet, but if things work out, who knows), for about an hour or so. The set will comprimise of his original instrumental material, and some good old rawk covers, mainly in the key of G :D check out a couple of the tunes we'll be playing thru the links below (and no, that's not me playing bass)

    The headline act is Rob Balducci, from NY, who is signed to Steve Vai's favoured nations he's rather good. There are about 7 other artists on the bill, so boredom shall not prevail.

    If you're in the area, and love satch and vai style music, please come and support us all. It's only a couple of quid entry, and all proceeds go to charity.

    You never know, if clive breaks a string, I may even have to do a stu style solo, but I'm kind of hoping he won't :eek:

    And as an extra scoop, we've been asked to play some support dates with Rob Balducci for the following week...time for some networking.
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