Jerzy Drozd Flying circus part deux

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  1. Just a heads up for the Drozd 6 string on ebay; I was the only bidder for this bass, so I call the guy about the lousy packing job he did on the last Drozd I bought from him, and he offers to end the auction if I paid what I did for the Legend ($2550.00) I declined and said let's see what happens on the auction, well about 20 minutes later a bidder named Donkey starts upping me in $25 increments, I played for a while but dropped out at the last minute. "Donkey" won the auction. I get an email shortly from eekbay saying that I can now have the item for $2150, I immediately call the guy and accuse him of having a buddy hike up the price, he has an excuse that some guy from Spain bid on the bass and can't come up with the cash.
    I am sure this thing will come up again, so I will tell you what I know about it, I actually got the other bass I bid on and if you watch the packing end of it you might get a good instrument, I have just had it with these guys
    It is a Jerzy Drozd Mastery, neck thru, Bartolini soap bars and pre-amp, walnut body, quilted/birdseye maple top and it is a 34" scale instead of the now standard 35" scale. good luck.
    You can see a better pic at
    go to the bass gallery, go to gallery#4, 5 rows down, and 3 from the left. :ninja:
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    This one? Sweeeeet! Sorry about your bad experience, though... you're right to be cautious.

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    Dang nice bass, pretty annoying seller though :(.
  4. Yeah annoying, he just called back and offered it to me for 2K, I passed, so it'll be back on the bay sometime today.
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    report it and let ebay figure it out.
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    Kind of makes you wonder where this guy is coming up with these Jerzy basses :confused: You rarely hear of any used ones for sale, yet this guy has two???
  7. actually-I doubt if this cat plays at all. After extensive googling for the last Drozd, I found the original owners obituary, so I figure this is an estate auction or something of the sort. If anyone goes for this bass, there is an SKB " bass safe" (44Rw) in stock at the guitar center for $109 something, get them to talk to MIckey, she will make sure it's packed OK.713-452-4070