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Jim Glennie (James)

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by stephanie, Jun 5, 2002.

  1. stephanie


    Nov 14, 2000
    Scranton, PA
    Didn't even realize that the band James has a new album coming out. They were one of my fave bands of the early 90's. Will be interesting to hear some new material (lead singer, Tim Booth, has left the band :()...

    Anyway, what does everyone think of James bassist Jim Glennie? His lines are beautifully melodic and take me to another world (sincerely evokes a dream landscape in my mind). Songs like "Dream Thrum" and "One of the Three" (I actually heard the intro of that song on some TV commercial--can't remember what LOL) are just breathtaking. Basically all the songs off Laid (oops am I allowed to say that word? :eek: ) are mystifying and melodic.

  2. I started listening to James after hearing the "Great British Music Weekend" at Wembley 1991 (The Cure headlining)- they played the original version of "Sit down", and other early material.

    Gold Mother (the album with the re-recorded version of "Sit down") has some great bass playing on it- "how was it for you", "top of the world" use of double-stops on "walking the ghost"
    - nice Stingray tone too.

    the next album Seven has a few interesting basslines- "born of frustration".

    since then IMHO Jim Glennie's basslines have become simpler and less interesting, though.....

    ps. Tim Booth has left the band? :confused:

    that just leaves Jim Glennie as sole original member...
  3. just bought the reissued 2001 versions of James albums "Gold mother" for £3.99 and "Seven" for £4.99, with extra tracks, liner notes.....

    the live version of "sit down" added to Gold Mother captures the impact of that track at its time of release in 1990.

    the notes on Seven mention the accusations by the press at the time of the band going all "stadium rock" like Simple Minds.
    most of Seven was produced by Youth, bassist of Killing Joke, who gets a mention in the Tony Butler(Big Country)/Derek Forbes(Simple Minds) thread- nice how that ties in;)
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