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  1. Good day to one and all....I've been listening to Rainbow Rising, their second album from 1976, and Mr Bain strikes me as doing a very professional job, nothing flashy, just keeping the groove going with the late great Cozy Powell drumming and I wondered (a) anyone know what he's doing these days and (b) without dissing anyone here, many of you who've been playing a long time, does his "workmanlike" (I use that word carefully) playing make him a good bassist? He must have been good enough to play with Blackmore in the first place. Any responses welcome. :confused: :help:
  2. I dig Jimmy. I saw him live once when he was playing for Dio. He is rocksolid, his timing seemed perfect and has one of the most amazing live tones i ever heard.
    He aint a flashy guy though...he was playing outdoors and seemed to be starring at the stars in the sky then what was going on with the crowd, which i thought was amuzing in an odd way, but still was perfect in his playing and tone despite he was easily distracted(maybe he was drunk, he used to have a drinking problem from what i hear).

    Last word was Jimmy left Dio in 2004 to work on other projects and then Rudy Sarzo took his place in Dio.
    I think Jimmy is doing studio work for bands now is what i hear.
  3. I've always thought he kinda flew under the radar a bit considering that he's played / toured with alot of amazing musicians. Of course, he more or less disappeared after he left Dio in the 80s until recently so that didn't help. Anyway, I always thought his recorded tone on the early Dio albums was killer.
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    He's a solid rock bassist. Wrote alot of lyrics in those bands, too.