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  1. Guys, how do you like your Kern preamps? The Bass Player review of a year or so ago was very favourable, but then I read about reliability concerns. Any comments?
  2. I have no problems with it. Also, I know a session and touring bassist who has owned his for much longer without any problems. It's...

    -has very effective controls that shape the sound a lot
    -simple and few controls (I like that)
    -sounds really, really good
    -reasonably priced
    -direct line out to go straight to tape sans direct box
    -has instruction manual (some older models didn't)

    I can get 'old tones' like JPJ of Led Zep, Jaco, Motown and modern sounds like Marcus and Whooten. I ordered the Kern with a built in power supply instead of the wallwart power supply and also with a ground lift mod at no extra charge.

    I have no regrets about buying it. I didn't try the Aguilar preamps but this sounds great and costs less and I was very happy with what I heard coming from the Kern. I prefered this to SWR, Eden, and EBS Fafner (apologies to RAM). I didn't try Alembic or Demeter either because none were in my area and I didn't feel like trying them out and then shipping them back and forth to faraway dealers .

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    I like it so far, but I haven't gotten it out of the house yet (club cancelled dates, dammit! - I'm going nuts). It has great tone and seems very honest, but "on the job" is the true test.

    I suspect the reliability concerns are overblown.