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Joan Armatrading's Bassist

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by lethifold, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. lethifold


    Mar 19, 2005
    Does anyone know the name of her bassist? If you listen to the songs he/she is really amazing with 'melody' bass
  2. jerry

    jerry Doesn't know BDO Gold Supporting Member

    Dec 13, 1999
    What albums? Pino Palidino did some recording with her :bassist:
  3. brossmac

    brossmac Supporting Member

    Mar 1, 2005
    Camas, WA
    I know she used both Pino Palladino AND Mick Karn on Hearts and Flowers. I also know Mick was on her album after that, though I don't remember the name.

    Joan is no slouch on guitar herself, IMHO....
  4. lethifold


    Mar 19, 2005
    Oh yeah, she's definately a good guitarist. In fact, all of her music is really excellent. I just noticed that the bass in particular was good

    Thanks for the info on that ;)