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    Apr 11, 2002
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    I'm currently playing with Kristi Neumann( She is an Indie artist playing around Nashville. She is up and coming. We just played a live concert last Sunday that was broadcast by Lightning 100 in Nashville. We are at the point where we need to designate a band leader for our band.

    Does anyone have a job description for a "Band Leader" or feedback of functions a good "Band Leader" would perform?

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    Apr 11, 2005
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    Band leader in your situation would probably mean that he would be the spokesman for the rest of the band, and is responsible for informing the rest of the band about show-up times, making sure everyone knows the songs you're doing, letting sound and lighting people know what you need onstage such as mics, monitor mixes and stage plotting, and generally making sure everyone does their jobs. Generally the band leader is acting as the liason between the band and the singer.

    In addition, it could mean finding and auditioning new guys when they quit and making sure they're up to the job, writing charts (if you're a chart kind of band), negotiating pay raises, and general minutiae that the singer either has no time to do or doesn't want to do. On the bummer side, it also means firing band and crew who aren't doing their jobs or are causing dissention, and it also means that you're the one who has to tell the singer and manager when the band refuses to do something that they want them to do.

    It's not a horribly complicated job, but it's very important because if something goes ka-flooey, it will be your butt on the line for the whole band.
  3. ntistt01


    Apr 11, 2002
    Nashville, TN
    That is a very good decription of duties.

    Thank you very much.